Business to Business Messages

Communication is very important in the business world these days. It is done through many different ways where the sender will try to convey a message to the receiver to pass some sort of information along. Technology is a great tool to have to help send these messages especially in the business world, where some of these communications are done virtually through email. The communication process includes the environment where the message takes place, the sender, the message that is created, technology used to send the message, noise, the receiver of the message, and the feedback that is returned to the sender.

These messages need to be clear and concise especially in the business environment because there are many things on the line that include money, potential sales, and business proposals. Business to business communication process includes the communication between two business entities, in which the one business entity perform the role of a sender and other one perform the role of a receiver. In other words, business to business communication describes the communication between businesses such as between a manufacturer and a whole seller or between a whole seller and a retailer.

All other elements of this type of communication process is dependent on the environment and the purpose of the communication. Business-to-business message with the Samsung Corporation The Samsung Corporation is a South Korean company that manufactures all different types of appliances and electronics. These products can range from television sets, kitchen appliances, computers, and mobile phones. Recently the company launched a new line of mobile phones that the company wants to appeal to the younger generation who are mainly concerned with text messaging and social networking.

The company wants to communicate the new product to the wholesalers and the retailers and talk about the innovations, quality of the products, and the price. Also included in these communications will be the company’s goal, policies, and marketing strategies for the new products. Here is an analysis of the message from Samsung to its wholesalers and retailers: Environment: The environment will be internally from Samsung to the internal departments of the prospective clients since Samsung would not want the product leaked out to the public until a release date.

Purpose: The purpose of the message is to inform the prospective clients about the new wireless products that the company is releasing try and appeal to the younger population. It will also include features and specifications of the new product so that the clients can position them into their portfolios. Sender: The sender of the communication would be the product management teams, which are most likely teamed up with the corporate marketing team to help position the products.

Receiver: The receivers of the message will be the client’s management team who make the decisions about the emerging products their company may purchase. Technology: Samsung will create a product video that will be distributed to the clients along with some demo devices for the decision makers to get the full experience of what the product does. Noise: In the message form Samsung, the noise can be from shipping errors when sending the presentation and phones, along with internet issues to where the email messages could not be sent or retrieved because of the recipients firewall.

Feedback: The feedback that should happen is the prospective client responding to Samsung with questions about the product if any, and possible changes to the marketing campaigns that the clients want to contribute to with their own company’s vision in mind. Business-to-Business message with AT&T AT&T is one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers with millions of customers. They employ over 250,000 people in which they communicate to in many different ways.

Things change every day in the telecommunications field so it is very important that the company has the tools in place in case they need to communicate information very quickly. With this next analysis of a message, AT&T needs to communicate some new policies that have just taken into effect and the employees have to be told and trained of these new changes. Environment: The environment where the communication will take place will be internal only since it is a company policy which should not be shared with external sources.

The communication will be done through the company’s intranet and training applications. Purpose: The purpose of the message is that a policy changed to where the company needs to be informed and educated of the change. Time can be an issue here if acknowledgements need to be signed before a certain date. Sender: The sender of the message will be the upper level management team most likely in the operations department who will be responsible for the delivery of the message along with the training of the employees about the new changes.

Receiver: The receivers of the messages will be the middle to lower level employees including management where they would have to acknowledge that they took the training and understand the changes the company will implement. Noise: The noise that can be contributed to the disruption of the message can be the failure of the company’s internal network or employees not being able to access the training material online. Feedback: Feedback from the employees about the message can range from a variety of questions to management about the policy changes along with the acknowledgement of the new changes by all employees within the company.

Business-to-Business Message with Toyota Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world and makes all different types of cars, vans, and trucks sold internationally. Recently, Toyota has had numerous recalls on millions of cars due to faulty mechanics where customers are now at risk. Some of the vehicles had gas pedals that would stick and cause the cars to accelerate out of control. The company needs to create a communication to the dealerships that sale and service the vehicles and what they need to say to customers that approach them.

Environment: The environment of these communications will be internally in the company along with external employees who are the dealers and service technicians. Purpose: The purpose of the message is to communicate to the authorized dealers on how they should handle customer situations when they are presented to the employees. Toyota also wants to communicate the actual problem to the dealers and how they plan to solve the issues at hand. Sender: The sender of the message will be the Board of Directors and high level managers since this a huge concern where customers are in danger from the product it sells.

Receiver: The receiver of the message will be the entire company along with external dealers who sell and work on the product, and the customer. Noise: Since the communication is urgent and many things are at stake, Toyota to limit the possible noise that could disrupt the message. Internet and media failure could hinder the process though. Feedback: The message is received and understood by the dealers and promise to fix the problem as soon as possible. Business to Business message for ABC Company to communicate about working relationship with XYZ Company Dear XYZ Company,

Our company at ABC sells the best high tech mobile devices that will improve your life in many more ways than one. Our price points with the products we sell are aligned will the current market and we are growing our customer base month over month. We want to extend an offer to your company to be a premier retailer of our product. Current retailers are currently profited more than expected form their initial investment in our company. I have attached the proposal so that you can view our offer. We look forward to hearing from you. ABC Executive Feedback to the ABC Company

Dear ABC Executive, Thank you for your interest in our company to sell your product along with other retailers nationwide. We appreciate you wanting to develop a relationship with our company but will have to respectfully decline. The product you are proposing is a great product but unfortunately the price is too high. We currently have a similar product with the same features and specifications as yours, and it costs less to buy from the manufacturer. Once again I’m sorry we could not further our relationship and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. XYZ Executive

Communication is a very important tool in many different ways in the business world. There are too many real life examples to list, but the most important types of communication that is business impacting need to be securely delivered with as little noise as possible in order to get the appropriate message across to the receivers. The communication model helps reduce the noise problem and increase the feedback of receivers towards the message. In conclusion, the business-to-business message is the correct and most effective way to get important business communications to internal and external receivers.