Business analysis part 1

ExxonMobil is a company that “uses innovation and technology to deliver energy and petrochemical products to meet the world’s growing demand” (“Exxonmobil,” 2012.) Strengths of this company are that they have been in business for over 100 years, they have a global presence and they survived and rebuilt after the huge hit of the Valdez oil spill proving they are capable of persevering and weathering a storm. A weakness would be how they handled the environmental groups during the aftermath of the Valdez oil spill it could have been done so much better but that is an area they can continue to work on as well as going green to help preserve what is left of our environment.

The fact that they are a massive energy company they stand in one of the best positions to make a difference in this department. Opportunities for the company would be getting in on the boom happening on the other side of the world in South and Southeast Asia with their budding economies (“Exxonmobil global websites,” 2011.) The major threat to ExxonMobil would be the fact that so many people not only in America but around the globe are becoming more and more energy conscious and cutting back in every way that they can think of. This action helps our environment but can obviously hinder the profits of the energy companies and they will have to be creative and at the forefront of change in order to maintain profits they have been projecting.

Investing in ExxonMobil seems to be a sound choice based on how they have risen from the ashes so to speak of the negative press that has followed them around for years since the Valdez oil spill. The fact that they can regroup and grown after a situation like that tells you that they are capable of getting past many things. Also they are gearing towards helping the environment in as many ways as possible this appeals to today’s consumer because we are more and more focused on the effects of our decisions on the environment and what we will leave behind for generations to come.

Internal stakeholders would be their employees and their shareholders these groups want the company to make money so there is a profit to share in and continued employment in the future. ExxonMobil is fulfilling their needs by growing as a company and pursuing these other avenues of energy to gain more customers in the long run. These actions ensure income for the company and thus employment and profitability for the shareholders. External stakeholders would then include Governments, suppliers, customers and Communities and NGOs.

These stakeholders are looking for less impact on the environment and for ExxonMobil to give back to the community (“Exxonmobil stakeholders,” 2011.) They need to see the company doing good business and not feel like they are being swindled. ExxonMobil has proven that they are giving back by “contributions to nonprofit organizations as well as funds invested in social projects through various joint-venture arrangements, production-sharing agreements, projects operated by others, and contractual social bonus arrangements” (Exxon Mobil Corporation, 2003.) They are also investing in various regions including the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe/Caspian, Asia Pacific and Africa/ Middle East for a combined $287,400.00.


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