Bureau of Justice

The National Criminal History Improvement Program, otherwise known as NCHIP aims to promote the improvement and development of the history of criminal records in various states through the use of current technological advancements and funds. This is to ensure the privacy of records, especially of sensitive cases such as child abuse and sex offenders, and provide for a more efficient and reliable criminal records database and retrieval.

The funds for this program is forwarded directly to each state and the governor from each state forwards the funds to local agencies and organizations that handle initiation and implementation of the program each year. Since NCHIP has been implemented since 1995, the total amount of funds that were granted to the program until today has amounted to $ 495 million. (BJS, 2008) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Organization The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Organization has announced initially in its website a grant for the prevention of suicide incidence in campuses, otherwise known as the Campus Suicide Prevention Grants.

The duration of the acceptance of grant awardees has already expired last January 18, 2008. The awardees will be screened for eligibility according to the involvement of the state where colleges and universities are located and is only limited to educational institutions in the higher education sphere, whether public or private, religious, community, or minority-based. (SAMHSA, 2008) The total amount of funds that will be allocated to the specific grant is $ 1. 499 million.

These funds will be granted to fifteen campuses and universities, and will be funded $ 100,000 a year continuously for three years, in order for them to establish services in the prevention and treatment of various mental health conditions that eventually cause suicides and suicidal attempts in the school arena. (SAMHSA, 2008)


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