Bugatti Veyron Research Paper

This learning time choose the company of Bugatti because research into the company’s process design and manufacturing process was done in previous classes and the team found the process that Bugatti uses to be interesting. The Bugatti name has been known made to order, high quality, fast spot cars since 1910. The original car produced by Ettore Bugatti was seen as an innovator in the design and quality of cars for that time.

Today the Bugatti name, presently owned by Volkswagen, is still known for producing unique, made-to-order, high-quality automobiles. The Bugatti Company manufactures the high-performance sport car Veyron. The Veyron is available in only a few trim levels. Bugatti uses the make-to-order system to produce it cars.

As a result Bugatti only produce a few hundred automobiles a year. The Bugatti Veyron is a vehicle for the super-rich because of the price is over a million United States dollars. The most basic model is only one to two hundred thousand less. A vehicle costing that much has to come with the best technologies and features. The Veyron does not let the buyer down in any area of technology. Some unique features to the Veyron include a rear spoiler that extends and retracts, depending on the speed of the vehicle. The spoiler is a vital safety component of the Veyron.

The Veyron’s engine produces more than 1000 horsepower and the engineers at Bugatti designed the spoiler to flip up and act like an air-brake found on airplanes. When the brakes are applied the spoiler assist with the stopping the vehicle at high speeds. Another unique feature of the Veyron is the 10 radiators used to cool down different components in the engine. The purchasing and manufacturing of a Bugatti is the perfect example of lean production, which eliminates waste in the process and purchasing cycle time. Bugatti eliminates waste during production and purchasing.

The process is like no other vehicle that is made-to-order. A Bugatti’s purchase is similar but more stringent than the process of buying a home, but with more prestige. To purchase a Bugatti the buyer has to apply for the automobile, the application is submitted to a French security firm for a thorough background check to ensure the applicant’s worth and liquidity. Because of the limited qualified buyers, Bugatti allocates little money for advertising, promoting, and marketing of the automobiles. Instead of promotions, Bugatti invest in shipping demonstrator vehicles to the driveway of selected prospective buyers that have passed background checks.

Bugatti also allocates money to pay top race-car drivers to deliver vehicles to the perspective buyers. One of the unique items in the manufacturing process of Bugatti is in the interior leather. The entire manufacturing process of a Bugatti is unique in a sense because an absolute advantage concept is applied. In a sense is used because Bugatti selects suppliers of an aristocratic nature to manufacture their product but spares no expenses. The interior leather is interesting because it is made by Hermes, known for handbags, over competitors like Luis Vuitton or Versace.

Researched revealed a relationship dating back to the 1920s between the Hermes and Bugatti families. Hermes has always made luxury leather that complements the Bugatti name. The Bugatti name has and continues to stand for speed and quality. The made-to-order system and lean production process has made the reputation of Bugatti stay strong since the start in 1920. When the Volkswagen Company purchased the Bugatti name in 1998, they promised to live up to the standards of the founder Ettore Bugatti. The unique design and features continues to make the automobiles different from their competitors. The unique design and features also only make the Bugatti attainable only for the rich and famous.