Bsc Hons

My interest for applying in the BSc (Hons) in Mental Healthcare is to expand on my nursing knowledge, develop new skill, gaining knowledge of organisation, structure and process and also keen to keep up to date with technology that is fatal to the care I deliver to the service user (SU). By doing the BSc (Hons) it will gives me the opportunities to specialise in other areas provided by the organisation and enhance career opportunities.

* What impact the professional development will have on the individual, the Service, the Charity and the Service Users INDIVIDUAL

By doing this degree course it is a process of professional support and learning which enable me to develop knowledge. It will help advancing me in professional growth and current evidence based practice, for example working in a fast demanding environment will give me the willingness to take responsibility for the SU wellbeing, ability to work in a demanding and stressful environment and dealing with occasional aggression in a sensitive and effective way, I will be able to plan and deliver patient care within the health care team.

Also I will use my communication and interpersonal skills to emphasize with SU and understand their problems; willingness to be adaptable, flexible and support SU’s to ensure that they have a good care delivery. I will monitor relevant research to improve quality of care and seek consultation when appropriate to enhance own practice. I will engages in and collaborate with other in the conducting research to discover and examine knowledge and evidence based approaches to practice, also recognise the importance of learning to be knowledgeable of relevant research and advances in clinical practice.

Part of the professional development is keeping up-to-date with ongoing developments in profession which will assist individual in future mentoring of students and junior staff this is by helping students and junior staff develop skills and building they confidence this gives me the opportunity to share knowledge of SU’s care and act as a positive role model. To have a positive sense of ownership, help develop skills, confidence and motivation and excellent communication skills and non-judgemental approach.

SERVICE -To implement positive change to improve service care delivery by conducting individual group, educating and assisting SU’s in evaluating appropriate use of alternative therapies and to creates a relationship with SU’s that acknowledges their strength and assist them in addressing their needs. In the services I will use the outcomes of care to revise care delivery strategies and improve the quality of care, also use and evidence based approach to patient management that applies research findings to patient care management and outcome.

CHARITY To contribute to high standard service care delivery, also to represent charity in a positive light by being up-to-date in professional practice. To recognise the importance of participating in professional organisation and to evaluate implications of contemporary health policy on health care provide. Good organisational skills so we can plan our day to provide care for all those who need it. To administer medication and monitor health, carrying out annual health checks and delivering health promotion programme. SERVICE USERS

As a nurse I am responsible for assessment of care needs and the development, implementation and evaluation of programme of care to the SU’s. It is important to explore and implement new and different ways of managing risk/behaviour. In an emergencies situation this will be done by determined the level of risk and initiating and co-ordinate effective care, recognized SU’s implicit communication by listening to verbal and non-verbal behaviours and to identifies, measure and monitors clinical and related behaviour outcomes to determine the effectiveness of the plan care.

* What potential impact will be of non attendance – This will lead to failure of the course because of failure to take information provided by the university and also missing out on valuable learning time and resources/waste of resources and study place -loss of future study places/course place as perceived as non-committed to study or seen as not being profitable to the charity -negative reflection in IPDR and future incremental pay rises * How the new knowledge and skills will be disseminated to others.

This will be done by teaching and mentoring of junior staff and students in the sense that I will support the development of clinical competence and confidence in a way that allows the junior/student nurse to grow professionally. By sharing knowledge and skills learnt with junior/student nurses it help improve job satisfaction and will have a direct impact on how well nurses perform on the job.

Will the knowledge and skills acquired gives me the opportunities to guide student/junior nurses through the procedures required to provide the best care ensuring future nurses can perform at a high level and with confidence in a clinical settings. Doing this course will advance my abilities and knowledge to be able to provide patient care/deliver essential care to everyone that is complex and looking in to the day-to-day care service delivery, that includes sharing skills with nurses and student so that future nurses are able to provide superior care.

This will mean as a nurse we will be able to deliver care that meets the essential needs of people and enables them to feel safe and cared for; this includes responding to their fear and distress in a helpful and therapeutic way, caring for their essential needs with dignity and respect ensuring that they are comfortable.

Caring provides support/intervention and also help people to recover and reach their full potential especially when in a medium secure unit. Delivery skills are to delegate responsibility to others while still being accountable for the care. As a nurse I will manage and lead teams and other professionals to ensure that care is joined up and also taught to others, including nursing students and assess their competence.