Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain, with the themes of homosexual, struggle between conformity and freedom, truelove and so on, is a film that makes people cry and think. In the following passage, I will mainly focus on two themes:One is the truelove between these two cowboys; the other is their struggle between conformity and freedom due to the rejections of society about homosexual.

Firstly, I would like to talk about how the theme ‘truelove’ is evidenced in the film. Ang lee used the conversation between these two cowboys to show the deep love in their heart towards each other, such as Jack's plaintive cry to Ennis "I wish I knew how to quit you!" and Jack’s words ‘sometimes I miss you so much that I can hardly stand it’. Moreover, the last line ‘I swear’ also demonstrates the regret of Ennis for not treasuring Jack and that he will treat their relationship as eternal love.

Apart from the dialogue, the director also used some scenes to represent this theme. For example, when Ennis received Jack’s postcard after many years, he was so excited that he rushed to the post office and wrote in reply. In addition, Ennis asked for a day-off and waited beside the window on the day which Jack came. The most impressing one may be the shirt. Ennis used to think that his shirt was lost. When he discovered the two shirts in Jack’ home, the love and self-loathing inherent in his mind and the kiss became a typical generic symbol of romance and longing.

Nevertheless, no matter how strong the attraction the societal proscription delivered their love out of bounds. (Brummett 207) Even in the last scene those two shirts were hanging inside the closet, which means their love cannot go outside. Altogether, forbidden of the society lead to another theme of the film—struggle.

We can perceive their multi-decade relationship as an attachment that penetrates their hearts and souls, but I prefer considering these years as a process of their struggle. Since Ennis was forced by his father to see the scene that a homosexual was sexually mutilated and left in a gulch, he was afraid of admitting his love for Jack so that he refused to sleep into the tent with Jack at first, even if it was so cold outside.

After their connection established that night, Ennis left without saying a word the next morning, which demonstrated his fear. His fear intensified after seeing the dead sheep on the mountain, which reminded him the death of that homosexual man. Therefore, when he came down from the mountain, he said to Jack ‘I am not queer’ ‘me neither,’ Jack affirmed. Actually, Jack is a queer. He said this because he wanted to protect Ennis and did not let him feel embarrassed. (Hathaway 61)

After this, they just expressed their passion through roughhousing as with caresses and incursions. These are all struggles evidenced in the film and the theme is continued to be evidenced in the following 20 years as they married and had children yet struggled to maintain their intimate attachment to one another. (Johnson 15) Ennis always used excuses like having to take care of his daughters to refuse Jack.

Just like Ennis and Jack, everyone has a Brokeback Mountain in their heart. It is some kind of feelings that hide deeply in one’s heart. We all want to pursue them, but due to the pressure from the society and others we are afraid to express our feelings. (Brummett 214) For instance, Samuel, a friend of my sister, is afraid of expressing his love to a girl because they have a big age gap, which is not accepted by mainstream culture.

A mountain called “the past” exists deeply in everyone’s heart. Only when we find that it is too late to express our feeling will we feel regret just like Ennis felt regretted after Jack died. After seeing this movie, maybe we should become braver when pursuing our Brokeback Mountains.