British government act

Another reason, was the fact that the government wanted people to acknowledge how serious the situation. If the British government announced the German Luftwaffe were coming, many people would worry and take action however, many would dismiss this because in their eyes how could they be sure the government had this right when they had it wrong during the 'Phoney War' (1939-1940), and so the government announced a mass evacuation of children, to show and make the people of Britain realise, this threat was very real.

There was also the aspect that the government was doing this to show and reassure the public that they were actually doing something in response to this potent German force. Conclusively, it is evident from the above that the British government had more than enough reasons for the evacuation of children from its major cities with all of them forming to the same conclusion, however, they separate when it comes to the case of importance.

I think the least important reason for the evacuation of children is the fact that if the children were evacuated this would result in less demand for emergency services. The reason why I feel this is the least important is because this is actually not entirely true because as shown in World War I, people were willing to help with emergency services and contribute if a crisis such as that emerged and so even if children remained within the major cities of Britain, the people of Britain would respond to this problem and based on history, would be successful. Even then though, this reason had some importance in the government's decision – they didn't want to put too much stain on the public because they had other 'war-helping' duties.

I think the most important reason for the evacuation of children, from the government's perspective, was the fact that they feared the consequences if children were not evacuated – and there were many consequences. This is a reason which has many links, or should it be put in the British government's eyes many consequences, one being death, death of children in huge quantities, causing anger in the people (parents) of Britain. To see so many dead children would have left people questioning the government's control of Britain under war. Also, mentally, the death of so many children would have lowered spirits and hopes of the possibility of victory over Germany.

But the main link is the fact that they were children; the future of the country, the vulnerable, and the innocent – ultimately the government knew with all these reasons combined they all linked to the same thing, the children had to protected through the only way, evacuation. In conclusion, there are of course many reasons into the evacuation of children from Britain's major cities but overall more than enough to amount to what the British government felt was the right decision.