Boston Police Department

One of the advantages in being a police officer in the Domestic Violence Unit of the Delaware Police Department is that they get to “experience meddling with families first-hand. ” PO Andrews maintains that they get to “have a strong attachment to their families as they learn more about what makes a family free of violence. ” Apart from the fact that they get to learn more knowledge, they are also able to impart this knowledge to the residents.

Disadvantages One of the disadvantages in being in the unit that PO Andrews tells is that they are “open to the risks posed by the violence surrounding the cases. ” Although they are expected to be in prim physical condition, the “domestic violence issues” are sometimes beyond their “capability to control and overturn especially during times where domestic violence is at its peak. ” Outlook for the next decade

PO Andrews shares his insights on what is ahead the department in the next decade by saying that the department “is going to be more determined to ensure the safety of the citizens who are in the Delaware territories as well as their families. ” Further improvements on the facilities and equipments are also prospective changes on the department as well as the expectations for an increase in the number of law enforcers. Recommendations

To those aspiring individuals who want to pursue being a police officer in the Delaware State Police Department, PO Andrews suggests that such individuals should have “an extra space in their minds for the family” primarily because this is what their unit is focused on protecting. These individuals should also prepare themselves not only physically and mentally but also emotionally in order to prepare themselves for possible missions at any given time. Conclusion

I was able to conclude the following observations from my interview with PO Jefferson Andrews. First is that commitment to serve is a basic necessity in the job and that the duties are well-compensated. I was also able to conclude that having an appreciation for families in general is a big advantage in the field, specifically in the Domestic Violence Unit. Lastly, I was also able to conclude that admission into the police department is no easy feat.


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