Border Security

Increasing the security around the U. S. -Mexico border in limiting illegal immigrants is a measure that can prevent people from unlawfully entering America—at least physically. Ideally, border security is meant to stop illegal immigrants from using the American backdoor, so to speak, and to discourage them to even think about entering the country through means unrecognized by American laws. It is only proper to increase America’s border security because illegal immigration should be addressed. However, efforts to cut down or eradicate illegal immigration should not solely focus on border security measures.

Rather, efforts should also be made in tracking down illegal immigrants already living in America and returning them to their proper homeland. The combination of these two measures can greatly reduce the rate of illegal immigration in the country. Damien Cave (2008) reports that the community of Hispanic immigrants in Florida Panhandle “has become more law-abiding, emptier and white” after an inspection of the local police “in more than a dozen businesses [in search] for illegal immigrants using stolen Social Security numbers”.

The tracking down of illegal immigrants—especially those who came from Mexico—by law enforcement agencies can greatly reduce the total number of illegal immigrants staying in the country, more so because 11. 7 million out of the total of 38. 1 million of them came from Mexico (Roberts, 2009). Solely focusing on border security such as on the border fence recently installed can only raise the cost of reducing illegal immigration. For instance, the US federal government is about to spend “millions of dollars to make up for the environmental damage” caused by “hundreds of miles of fences along the Mexican border” (Archibold, 2009).

Increasing security on Mexicans and Americans can reduce illegal immigration although it comes at certain consequences. If the federal government is strong enough in its pursuit of eradicating the age-old problem of illegal immigration, it should not solely focus on border security. Sufficient attention should also be given to the communities of immigrants in the country which are likely hideouts of illegal immigrants so as to resolve unlawful immigration. Regular inspection in these areas is a vital factor in meeting that end.

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