Booker T Washington Analysis Paper Example

Booker T Washington strategy and program was to influence black and white people that the certain way for black people to advance was by learning skills and establishing a will to do labor . Booker T. Washington made his mark with the notorious “Atlanta Compromise” speech, in which he plead black Southerners to “Put down their bucket where they were” and provide space for white Southerners in hope of earning equality through humility and industry. Washington program brought well-known attention to his views of how African Americans could best fit into society at that time.

Washington believed that it was pointless, at the time, for blacks to worry about their place in society. He felt it was better to focus on becoming economically independent through vocational training. This philosophy branded Washington’s entire career as a “race man,” and placed the base for the establishment of Tuskegee Institute, in which he highlighted gaining a useful trade and preparing students to become teachers of these trades like farming, shop keepers and etc.

After showing black people endless ways and opportunity’s to be successful, Black African American people still had lots of limits and guide lines they had to follow throughout Booker T Washington programs. For example blacks still couldn’t be a part of the white people politics or their environment and etc.

Washington had successfully enclosed himself with what they called him “Tuskegee Machine.” This allowed him to be powerful in many political choices and he became viewed as the key national mentor for the African American community.