Booker T Washington

Booker T. Washington Over the semester I have read a few passages from the “Building Characters” by Booker T. Washington. He held Sunday communions which addressed ones characteristics. I came across several different topics I enjoyed but unfortunately I cannot write about them all. So far, I’ve read about his childhood, he learned through tough times on how to build a positive outlook on life. He realized after being a slave and reading when black did not have the right to an education, things were not so bad. He had worked in the Salt mine with his father and taught himself how to read and write.

He soon began to attend vocational nursing programs which focused on the black folks. He discovered what is important in life and how one should appreciate oneself and help others. For example, there are negative energies that people possess and there are people smart enough to look outside of the box. There is always going to be that one sour apple but you will not we upset, instead you would want to help that sour apple become sweet again. One should not be angry at others; one should help others become better than yesterday. It is not about the circumstances but about how the individual accepts reality.

Like Mr. Washington says too much of the good and bad are no good at all. One must realize what is valuable and why things are taken for granted. For example a professor makes mistakes. A good student will not react if he knows the teacher made a mistake and a teacher should be honest when making a mistake. Teachers do not know everything and are not expected to know everything. One cannot process all the information and keep it stored. Mr. Washington supports Webster’s ideal ology about how a truly educated man is determined by the tools he uses to obtain the information, not by how much information he can store.

You cannot hate on the person that is already trying to help you. That is where the significant difference is between someone who is positive or negative. People who are positive thinkers (positive outlook on life) tend to be more popular and attract other energies that are being affected in a positive way. You are influencing yourself and others in the right direction. In the other hand, if you are constantly moody people will not want to associate with you. Having a positive outlook on like promotes self-growth. Another topic that came across in “Character Building” by Booker T.

Washington is how one should use their positive energies in improving one self. To improve oneself one must try their best in everyday life. Set your mind and realize that all the hard work will pay off. Each day from going to work, school, and socializing at its best will result is self-satisfaction and a step closer to success. Washington says that there is also two directions you can take, either you go backwards or forward. If you go backwards you will become weak and if you go forward than one will grow greater. One should try their best to go forward and with that mindset, nothing can stop you.

There will always be set backs but one needs to stay strong and progress. For example, there will always be a certain type of racial profiling. It is unfortunate that our society has been conditioned to use one another but setbacks as those should not and will not stop you. Mr. Booker T. Washington has also touched base with slavery and how one should not be controlled by that mindset. He acknowledges the fact that not everyone starts at the same staring line and people need to work harder than others. The reason being why is because slavery has set Mr.

Booker T Washington back compared to the white American. He needed to start from working in the Salt mines compared to the white American who came from money and has the tools to pursuit an education. Everyone has the opportunity to an education. It is up to the person to decide whether to work under other people control or work hard for a great career and living under their own conditions. If they decide to pursuit an education than they have decided to take the chance to be as elevated as the white person is. Opportunity is in demand when it comes to services provided.

One needs to realize that one who lives in the South and migrates to the North cannot survive unless they have an education and some type of degree. For example if you want your shoes blackened in the South than it will be done by a “boy with a box, who uses a scrubbing brush”. If that boy was to go to the North he would not stand a chance versus a “Shoe-blacking Emporium”. The Shoe-blacking emporiums have shops which have fitted carpets, pictures, mirrors, comfortable chairs and equipment activated by electricity. The North is a competing place and is constantly demanding well-educated hard working people (men).

Booker T. Washington is trying to prove that one must be aware of what is going on and keep pace with civilization. “We must pay attention to the small things as well as the larger and more important things in life and that one must put brains into what they do”. Being constantly discriminated should not discourage you because competition is intense and the North demands the hardworking people who will help their business succeed. No one wants an average worker. Again I strongly agree with Booker T. Washington that one needs to keep a strong mind set and a positive outlook on life while keeping up with civilization.

It is important to highlights all the weak traits in our characters in order to build and grow but we also need to keep our word. Keeping our word as in doing what we have said we will do. Mr. Booker T. Washing says he has experienced many irresponsible people who do not arrive on time or keep a promise. For example he states that colored me have a reputation of not coming back on a Monday after weekend full of booze. To avoid this problem states such as Georgia made pay check arrangements. The employers are to get paid for only five work days instead of seven.

This purpose of change is to expect the worker to come back to work the following Monday. Mr. Booker T. Washington made a clear point that they need to be responsible and break the bad habits that his race have. Doing so, it will make a good impression on the working class and view blacks as their equal. If things don’t change and regular, “systematic labor is not done than they are going to look out for persons of another race who will do their work properly”. It is important to have practice in attending a responsibility because no matter how much education one may have, it is not enough to be successful in the business world. Booker T.

Washington has made a point that if our young folks start being responsible than it will make their race come a long way and it is also an “important role in redeeming the character of the race and lifting it up”. Keeping your word in being there and meeting your obligations is important to your character building and will affect your race. Business will be aware of who works are in order for their business to succeed. Booker T. Washington is an amazing inspiration who has set boundaries to success for the unfortunate. I say as the unfortunate for those who are the minority. He established great work ethics which needs to be established.

Not everyone is born to succeed. Success is accomplished by hard work. In order to establish a successful future than on must have a good personality that carries those characteristics that are in demand. If one stays humble and work for success than they will live in good health. One who knows should educate and not hate on those who lack these characteristics. One needs to realize that everything they do and say affects their overall being. “I want you to go out from this institution so trained and so developed that you will be constantly looking for the bright, encouraging and beautiful things in life”.