A Book Review of the Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulsen

The Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulsen is a story about a boy wonder who grows up faster and does not even have the clue how to live the life he has chosen. The 12-year old lawn boy is a likeable and cool character living in an economic world. Despite his popularity and booming business, the lawn boy still wants to become a regular kid. Being a kid at heart, the main character possesses the creativity and wit in solving his adult problems and tries to play the rules of the economy.

The very surprising part of the story is when the Lawn Boy realizes that his life as gotten more complicated as a wonderkid. Due to publicity and commerce, the lawn boy gets overwhelmed quits service and sends all of is money in a college savings account. Who would have thought that a boy would choose to take life seriously instead of playing with all of his money. This part shows that there is more to the lawn boy than being a wonderkid.

What makes the story interesting is the author’s use of powerful words such as taxes, commerce and publicity. Knowing that the main character is just a 12-year old, it is interesting that the author is able to use words relating to economy and society (Paulsen 3). He is very creative in combining both witty words with the serious ones. The whole story is both a fiction and reality merged into one. Aside from being a business icon, the kid is just a regular kid living in a real world.

The story is just interesting enough that I would like to know what the lawn boy looks like after college. I would like to know if his plans were successful and if his friends stay true to him no matter what. I would like to know if he will be married in the future and have a son following his footsteps. I would be interested to know if he will return to his impoverished situation again.

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