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On Wednesday afternoon, a robber walked into the Walmart service center, showed an employee a handgun and asked for large bills. A second employee walked up during the robbery. After getting the money, the man made them both lie on the floor before he walked out of the store and got into a car. On July 15, a robber went to the Bank of America at 1929 Carolina Beach Road at 3:18 p. m. He demanded money and threatened bank employees, implying he had a weapon. Employees gave him cash, and he left. No one was hurt. ” (2010) Police Blotter Brian Freskos, Star-News, Wilmington, N.C. , “Suspect in Pa.

Bank robbery arrested”, “Wilmington — Police here have arrested a man wanted in a Pennsylvania bank robbery, according to a news release from the Wilmington Police Department. James Fitzgerald Higgins, a 34-year-old from Vintondale, Pa. , was arrested Thursday afternoon with the help of the U. S. Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and Wilmington police. Higgins is being held without bond in New Hanover County jail. He will likely be sent to Pennsylvania to face charges there, according to the release. ” (2010)

FOREIGN STUDIES Police National Computer (PNC) United Kingdom The PNC is a computer system used extensively by law enforcement organisations across the United Kingdom. It went live in 1974 and now consists of several databases accessible 24 hours a day, giving access to information of national as well as local significance. As of 2009/10 the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) has said that there are over 9. 2 million nominal (personal) records, 52 million driver records, 55 million vehicle records and that 185 million transactions were made in the last twelve months.

Since 1 April 2007 it has been maintained by the NPIA which inherited the activities of the now disbanded Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO). Prior to the establishment of PITO, the PNC was managed directly by the Home Office. The PNC was started in 1974 with Stolen Vehicles as its initial database. Since then, additional applications have been implemented almost every year. The range of facilities, level of detail and potential value of information stored on the PNC has improved significantly. This has led to the PNC being more of an investigative tool rather than its original purpose of a record keeping one.

PNC and the Electronic – Based Blottering Information System of Barangay Salitran II both have database to store all the records being accommodated by the offices employing them. PNC first include cases for stolen vehicles and soon expanded its scope in the following years since 1974, while the proposed system is programmed more especially for the residents’ unsolved disputes. The PNC is currently based on a Fujitsu Siemens S-190 mainframe running the BS2000 operating system with recent PNC applications held on UNIX servers whereas, the proposed system can run in operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Furthermore, both systems can store unlimited number of records where adding a new one is not restricted. AUTOMATED LAW ENFORCEMENT INCIDENT REPORT Midwestern, United States of America (U. S. A) The Automated Law Enforcement Incident Report (A. L. E. I. R) software package is a complete Windows based computerized police records management and police dispatch system designed for law enforcement agencies. It combines the technologies of word processing and data processing into one program at a cost that is affordable to anyone which is FREE. The A. L.

E. I. R System provides police management personnel with a database that can be used to monitor any type of crime category, criminal activity and other pertinent crime statistics within a particular district or in the community as a whole. All data is saved into a MySQL Server Database. You can easily find a report entered into the database by searching for the incident location, the names of involved persons, involved vehicle or involved property. You can install and run the report writing program on a standalone computer,local or wide area network.

You can ever write police from your mobile data terminal connected to the internet from your patrol vehicle with our report writing program. The A. L. E. I. R Program allows you to write unlimited original and supplemental criminal and non-criminal incident reports. All incident data is saved under the original case number. Any supplemental report entered will use the same case number as the original incident of supplemental incident reports for a case number. The report writing and dispatch program is designed to work on a local or wide area network.

You can have many different users on the system at the same time all sharing the same data as you wish if we customize and support your department’s use of the programs. If you do not have a network, the program will work on a single computer. The A. L. E. I. R System is the most likely related to the proposed system. Both systems are used to keep and track the incidents that happen within the area of responsibility so long as those incidents are reported by anyone. A. L. E. I. R System also has a database to organize and maintain all the accommodated reports.

It uses MySQL Server Database as the database provider. Both of the aforementioned systems employed the features of the Structured Query Language (SQL) for a more flexible and accurate management of the stored records. A. L. E. I. R System can be used in either Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) or even in a single computer, whereas the proposed system is recommended to be employed in a single computer. Moreover, both systems can produce reports as regards to giving a run-down of the reported incidents for a particular end.