Blackmail in Politics

? Blackmail in Politics. ISAEVA DANA The story is called “Blackmail in Politics”, and I immediately understood the essence of this story. The story is about politicians and the blackmail in politics. The main characters are: James Howden, Margaret Howden, Harvey Warrender, and Brian Richardson. James Howden was the Prime Minister of Canada. All his life he dreamed of becoming Prime Minister and yet has achieved his goal, but not in the best way. For the sake of his dreams, he made ?? a deal that could ruin him in any day.

But he took the risk. By nature he was very calm, soft, and slightly fearful. He had a beloved wife, Margaret. He loved and respected her, although repeatedly lied, hid the truth from her about the deal. Harvey was the cabinet minister, The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. He was a rival of James. James and Harvey were contenders for the Prime Minister of Canada, and they had equal opportunities to win. Harvey was more successful than James, he had a big following in the party, and he was respected among the people.

Harvey was selfish. He had a son, Howard, who committed suicide. There was a raid to France; it was the first mission of Howard. When the navigator was wounded, Howard left the pilot`s seat and refused to fly. Then the navigator was dying. His father knew the truth about his son , but he built the legend of a hero`s death, in order to save his job. And another character, a very important character is Brian Richardson. He was the director of Howden`s party. He was an honest, hard-working, friendly person, who respected his boss.

It all started nine years ago, when elections were held to elect a new leader, the Prime Minister of Canada. Suddenly, Harvey offered to James a deal. He said he would withdraw his candidacy if he would give him the post cabinet and present the TV-franchise to his nephew. James agreed, and they signed a document on their deal. Thus James became the new minister. After this transaction, Harvey had the power over James. Once, Brian came to the residence of Harvey.

Seeing as Brian saw a portrait of his son, Harvey began to talk about his son, that he died a hero. Not listening to Harvey, Brian said he came to get the written agreement between James and him. Brian knew about everything, even about the TV-franchise. When Harvey refused to give him the agreement, Brian blackmailed him so that he would tell the truth about his son. Harvey had no choice, and he agreed to give him a written agreement, a few days since the agreement was in Toronto.