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Parasites can be common and if untreated detrimental to a pet’s health. They can be more than just a nuisance and owners should be aware of symptoms, preventative treatment and what to do should there be an out break. In the following, there will be outlined just a few common species to look for. Ascarid (Roundworm, toxocara canis) • • • • • SYMPTOMS Lack of growth Distended belly (accompanied by belly pain).

Recurring diarrhea Vomiting Weight loss Treatment • pyrantel pamoate as young as two weeks and repeated periodically to get rid of larvae. • Ppiperazine salts at 6 weeks • Diethylcarbamazine at 8 weeks Babesia (Babesia canis vogeli, babesia gibsoni, babesia conradae) • Symptoms • • • • Moderate to severe hemolytic anemia Fever Anorexia Depression Lethargy • • • Pale Gums Jaundice Enlarged Lymph Nodes Treatment • diminazene aceturate • imidocarb diproprionate • pentamidine isethionate Oxyuris Equi (Pinworms) Symptoms • Rubbing and scratching of the perineal and anal regions • Broken hairs around the tail • Irritability Treatment • Ivermectin.

• Benzimidazole • Moxidectin • Pyrantel pamoate Habronema aka Summer Sores (Habronema muscae, H microstoma, Draschia megastoma ) Symptoms • Sores or Lesions • • • • Treatment Ivermectin Moxidectin Fly Prevention Surgical removal of large massses Fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) • • • • Symptoms Itching Scratching, licking, or biting on skin Tapeworms Black debris on dogs skin or sleep area Treatment • Use flea comb to confirm fleas.

• spinosad + milbemycin oxime Lice (Phthiraptera Symptoms • Rubbing, licking or scratching excessively. • Bald Spots Treatment • Pyrethin • Ivermectin • Permetrin ) While there are many more parasites in the world that effect animals, these are just a few that can come up. Preventing any kind of parasite or disease is always the best option but for some there are options for treatments. References www. vetbook. org www. equimed. com www. petmd. com www. countryviewvets. com www. merckmanuals. com.