Billy T. James

Billy T , one of the funniest people that had stood on earth. Billy T was a New Zealander that changed the view on comedy for people in New Zealand and possibly some of the world. He changed comedy in that most people could relate to in the years he had pointed it to. To this day people still refer to him and watch his comedy which I believe makes him a significant person.

Taitoko or Billy T. James his stage name was Born on the 17 January 1948. Billy had always had an entertainers spirt, during school he would imitate teachers as most people would do but Billy’s would stand out in front of everyone else just like the rest of his career.

Studying for art, Billy had a apprenticeship to be a professional artist, during this period he found a career in comedy. At the age of 22, Billy had joined the Maori Volcanics Band, as as group they traveled the world and entertained thousands of people. During his tour of Australia and New Zealand through the later years of the 70’s. Taitoko as he was known at that period decided to change his stage name to Billy T. James so the Australians could pronounce it.

Billy t James had a career which spanned out over years. Though out his career his had various awards and meeted a variety of famous including the queen. In 1981 Billy won the 1981 entertainer of the year. 1985 billy was named nz Entertainer of the decade with him staring in Came a Hot Friday and footrot flats.

A year later billy was appointed a member of the order of the British empire for services to entertainment. He followed on in 1990 Billy received the prestigious Benny Award. In his career he stared and produced many shows that left fans wanting more In a six year period Billy had made six successful shows. These shows we highly popular and highly awarded as stated.

Billy’s most popular show was “The Billy T James Show”. This self titled which was featured for TVNZ the sketch featured comedy live performances. This show lasted six seasons which a variety. Billy made most of his season of parody’s of popular shows at the time for example Miami vice,play school and many sketches of him playing captain cook. He also made a part called Te news his black singlet and yellow towel became a trend that everyone knew of. Towards the end of his career he made more of a family sitcom but he didn’t the rave ratings and reviews as his previous shows.

Billy T James had a way to make people laugh and relate to in the years he acted. With legacies of him still living to this day and the Billy T Award founded in 1997. This award is the most prestigious Comedy award which many kiwi comedians strive to get to show their personal thanks to what Billy T James had accomplished for New Zealand comedy. The winners also receive a yellow towel as a personal remark for Billy T family members. I believe that billy T is a significant New Zealander because he has changed a lot of people’s perspective on comedy which still affects how comedy is delivered to this day.