Bilderberg Group

I never imagined that there could be a group of 130 people including the most elite wealthy leaders of the world getting together in secret meetings once a year around the world. It is unbelievable that any group of such power could have secret meetings around the world and yet nobody has any sufficient details about them.

All of society can just sit back and speculate the possibilities of what takes place in the meetings. Now let me go over the history, the possible theories, some of the members we know and what I think of the Bilderberg Group.

The first Bilderberg conference was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands from May 29 to May 31, 1954. That’s how the group assumed the name Bilderberg. After this meeting they realized what a success it was so the members decided to make it an annual event.

This event takes place once a year, at 5 star hotel, and usually in Europe but once every four years in America. The original reason for meeting was just to further the understanding between Western Europe and America with these powerful individuals. The group came up with the main goal of starting a new world order which is planned to involve the U.S Canada and Mexico to all come together as one nation and unite the countries of the world all under one government.

One reason society started to become so suspicious of the Bilderberg group is because not only is every meeting secret, but they have military intelligence guarding the location.

This is where the conspiracy starts, but the group simply replies to this by saying that the meetings allows the members to speak freely without the need to carefully considering how every word might be interpreted by the mass media. Many believe that with that amount of powerful people together they can control national policies, rigging elections, causing wars, recessions, and even having people murdered.

One of the most popular theories is that John F. Kennedy’s assassination involved the Bilderberg Group. Many believe that they put him in office. Then once he was there, he wasn’t abiding by their system or plan so they decided to take his life. Some support to this theory is with all of the info and technology we have how could one of our president’s get killed and yet there is no identity of the killer or evidence?

Its almost like the murder is just trying to be brushed under the rug. As crazy as this sounds this isn’t the worst speculation of the infamous Bilderberg Group. Some even suspect the group of being behind the 911 attacks on the World Trade Centers because it was sold to a member of the group (Silverstein) six months before and was told that it did not meet fire safety requirements along with other defaults which would cost $15billion to take down.

So wouldn’t it make sense for Silverstein to just take the easy way out and have the buildings demolished or knowingly let this incident take place? Also he purchased the buildings with $124million down and as soon as they fell he requested his insurance refund, which was worth a whopping $7billion.

As soon as Silverstein purchased the towers he also reportedly changed the security service of them to Securecom that also covered the airport and United Airlines (which the planes took off from). Now I don’t care who you are, this sequence of events sounds very convincible.

Entering the research of the Bilderberg group I remained open-minded to form my own opinion and after everything that I’ve read it seems like the conversations among the members cant all be positive. The fact is that this group most likely has been involved in some very negative and corrupt events that have shaped the American society today.

It is unbelievable that such an elite powerful group can hold secret meetings for over 50 year’s and there is still no hardcore evidence of what takes place. When it comes to the whole idea of there only being one central government from my knowledge I think it would be a bad idea.

One main reason I have for that is they claim there will be no more wars and fighting but I think that is impossible simply because of the fact that people will fight with each other for eternity. I suppose Bilderberg’s main reason behind the whole one government idea is the fact that the select few involved right now would just become wealthier and have more power. With the amount of supremacy between all 130 individuals involved, all it would take is for them to agree on any idea they want and they could easily carry the action out. In my opinion this is absolutely terrifying when it comes to the future of our country.