Big Oil

The United States will often try to achieve world domination through different techniques. One of them is invading other countries in search and exploitation of their resources. Among the most popular resources is oil. Big Oil utilizes different techniques and strategies to persuade other countries into believing that by (the most powerful country in the world) investing in their countries, they will benefit from it economically but the real truth is that we go there with only one interest in our minds, to pursue our own interest with imperialism. Big oil abuses other countries by exploiting, destroying and stealing their resources and their economies.

They use political, economic, and social techniques and strategies which affect other countries’ environment, economies and social structures. Therefore, we must take effective measures by coming together as a sovereign society that cares about our fellow neighbors and not only our own interest, to stop big oil from stealing other countries, economies, resources and destroying their environments.

When we go to other countries in search of oil, we pollute not only their environment but we also destroy natural habitats of species. For example: According to John Perkings shortly after his first visit in Ecuador in 1968, “Texaco built a trans- Andean pipeline that has since leaked over a half million barrels of oil into the fragile rain forest-more than twice the amount spilled by the Exxon Valdez.”(Hitman xxi) As a result of this terrible negligence on their behalf, “Vast areas of rain forest have fallen down, macaws and jaguars have all but vanished, Three Ecuadorian indigenous cultures have been driven to the verge of collapse, and pristine rivers have been transformed into flaming cesspools.”

(Hitman xxi)These are very significant consequences to the environment that at the end not only affect Ecuador but also it affects the whole world. the worse thing about it is that it could’ve been stop if the government would have acted and hold Texaco accountable for their negligence.

“back in 1960’s Ecuador ran into the hands of International banks and fell into huge amount of debt, backed by the promise of oil revenues. Instead, Roads and industrial parks, hydroelectric dams, transmission and distribution systems, and other power projects sprang up all over the country, polluting and destroying rain forest, natural habitat of thousands of species ”(Hit Man 165). Now, they are still fighting to get out of debt, and fighting for their independence from the western world.

They don’t really want us there, we are not welcome, and in fact they hate us for causing such harm to their rainforest and their economy. How can we blame them. Not every country wants to be westernized. Some want to be left alone to preserve and maintain their independence and culture. One of the strategies that big oil uses is that they send economic hit man (EHM).

These Economic Hit Man are “highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars.”(Hitman xi) They do this by trying to convince and persuade the head leaders of any country of interest to let Big Oil corporation to invest in their countries because it will be beneficial to them in many ways, but mainly economically. For example: John Perkins stated that, “SIL (Summer Institute of linguistics), an evangelical missionary group from the United States, used an assortment of Underhanded techniques to persuade the indigenous tribes to abandon their homes and move to the missions.”

Here they receive free food, shelter, clothes, medical treatment and missionary-style education. In exchange they had to deed their lands to the oil companies. Indigenous tribes get tricked into surrendering their land for the pervasive Big Oil corporations. This affects their culture by trying to westernize the indigenous tribes, and changing their simple way of living, we take away their character and change their livelihood into superficial, materialist ways.

A second strategy that Big Oil tend to use, with the support of our government when EHM’s fail on their mission are jackals. Jackals are “men who trace their heritage directly to those earlier empires. The jackals are always there, lurking in the shadows. When they emerge, heads of state are overthrown or die in violent “accidents.”’

For example, According to the website, When the president of Ecuador Jaime Roldos aguilera “refuse to work on behalf of U.S. oil interest, he died in a plane accident, an just months after, the president from panama Omar Torrijos which had been at odds with the U.S. interest over the Panama canal died as well in what was just a plane crashed.” But the Accident Investigation Committee (Junta Investigadora de Accidentes, JIA) report of the Ecuadorian Air Force didn’t really match.

After two more investigation from the parliamentary commission and the Zurich Police, it was concluded that the plane’s motor were shut down when the plane crashed into the mountains. John Perkins “concludes that Roldos was assassinated by a CIA-conducted assassination, allegedly by a bomb located in a tape recorder, because his plan to organize the Oil industries would have threatened U.S Big Oil industries.”

The investigation didn’t continue because we stole any evidence that was left from the accident, making it extremely difficult to prove it. A third strategy that Big Oil uses through propaganda is flak, which Chomsky describes as “negative responses to a media statement or [TV or radio].

It may take the form of letters, telegrams, phone class, petitions, law –suits, speeches and Bills before congress and other modes of complaint, threat and punitive action”.( model). Big oil corporations also make meeting pretty often to form flak Machines designed to put an end to all the negative responses to media statements that hold a conflict of interest to them. Chomsky also refers to it as targeted effort against corporations or individuals that disagree or hold doubt on establishing power as favorable as many Big Oil companies aim for.

The ultimate effort of this filter is to planned ahead in order to keep as much information that could have a conflict of interest in their image from getting out to the public. For example, the Global Climate Coalition (GCC) formed by automobile and fossil fuel companies like Texaco, Chevron, Ford, and GMC ( GCC’s goal is to attack or discredit climate scientists with their discoveries of constant rising of global warming because of their companies waste to our environment. When GCC make this attempt, it causes doubts in our minds.

But we could block them, and challenge them by educating people with the real facts. For example: according to Eugene Chiang, associate professor of astronomy and Earth and planetary science at UC Berkeley, and Steven Werely, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, “estimated the number of barrels-at minimum twenty-nine thousand and at most one hundred thousand per day on the Golf of Mexico, stretching hundreds of miles long”(Censored 110). Also, we could form organizations in our communities that are designed to let out the information like this one that they so desperately try to keep from the public. And last, but not least, of the strategies, is war.

When jackals fail, as they failed in Afghanistan and Iraq, we recur to the old models. We use brutal force and we sent in our young Americans to kill and die unnecessarily. We tried to find justifications, like the 9/11 attack to go to war. Big Oil, working closely with the U.S government, used propaganda to persuade and plant fear in our citizens minds to support the war. Also, they used the media to twist the stories and try to put us against any country or president that is not in the best of the U.S Big Oil interest.

For example Oliver Stone proves in his video” South Of The Border” “how we make The President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez look through the media like a Dictator, and pervasive person because he is not supporting U.S Big Oil interest. We also, tried to make him resign and hold him hostage in an island but we failed at it. He was rescued by his loyal soldiers and brought back to the National palace of Venezuela. We can’t let our government abuse other countries by exploiting, destroying and stealing their resources and their economies.

To bring change to this issue, it must start within each one of us, we need to change our perception of the manner in which they function and interact with one another, and of the role the managers play in that process. We must take effective measures by coming together as a sovereign society that cares about our fellow neighbors and not only for ourselves, to stop our government from stealing other countries oil, economies and environments.