The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office?

“We are very committed to our community; I have taken the lead in going go Homeowner Association meetings and will encourage the rest of the supervisors to do the same. I feel speaking to citizens directly ad listening to their concerns is critical to maintaining good relationships” (p. 4). These responses give us a clear indication of what policing in 2020 will be like for Bexar County. The scenario of policing at 2020 will push us to think differently, critically and analytically.

It pushes us to question assumptions, expand horizon and contemplate alternatives. The scenario is an attempt to examine social, economic, political and cultural changes and their influence on police operations by 2020. Due to the rapid evolution, the high technology and the fact of democracy in the USA, the economy will recover soon. The social and cultural aspects will be developed towards more diversity and more integration. By 2020 police arena will witness the following hypothesis at state level of policing:

1) There will be less federal government intervention and more control by state and local governments. 2) Participative management will replace authority management. 3) Ideology will be replaced by pragmatism. 4) Increased funding will be replaced by productivity. 5) There will be greater employment and promotion of women. 6) New ways to control the use of force. 7) Less concern for effectiveness and more concern for justice. Police is still mired in the challenges of today, carrying the baggage of the and running into the middle distance of the future.

They know that change is inevitable, rather than resisting, they believe that change should be embraced. In 2020 the Net Centric Policing (NCP) will make be available to whoever needs it such as: 1) Criminal history information on suspects. 2) Geographic location information. 3) 24/7 backup offices. 4) Information gathered by chemical or biological sensor array. 5) Police officers at all levels communicate and exchange information. 6) Video images from a surveillance camera mounted on Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)