Ben & Jerry’s: Company Mission and Vision

Ben & Jerry’s is an organization that operates under the food industry. It is owned and managed by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who were long time friends way back during their years in primary schooling. After taking a correspondence course in ice-cream making in Vermont, Ben & Jerry decided to open up a homemade ice cream shop of their own in 1978 with $12,000 as their starting capital. Of course, they named the company Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream. (“Ben & Jerry’s Company Timeline,” N.D.) Through the years, the company has gained extreme regard and acknowledgment not only from their customers who helped establish Ben & Jerry’s, but also because of the company mission and vision that they implement in their company policies and practices.

Ben & Jerry’s mission and vision statements were founded on the beliefs and ideologies upheld by Cohen and Greenfield. As a an institution with the ability to influence its customers and other corporations as well, Cohen and Greenfield established the mission and vision of the company under the belief that it has the responsibility of upholding socially and morally responsive policies to further promote peace and prosperity. Central to this mission is the company’s sensitivity to the need of showing respect towards people and the environment.

Ben & Jerry’s has established three missions under various contexts: the product mission which affirms the company’s efforts of providing quality homemade products to its consumers that are not only healthy, but also safe and protective of the environment, the economic mission which is to contribute to the growth and development of the company commercially in order to satisfy the stakeholders and provide the company’s employees with various opportunities to develop their careers, and the social mission which acknowledges the important role that the company plays as an institution of power and authority in contributing to the advancement of society and improvement of life in all aspects. (“Our Mission Statement,” N.D.)

Through the years, Ben & Jerry’s has ensured that its company mission and vision is strictly observed in every operation, process, practice, or policy that it undertakes or implements. The company’s mission and vision has propelled how Ben & Jerry’s continue to operate and it is evident in various programs and activities that it has executed for the past years.

Ben & Jerry’s has developed numerous programs that adhere to values and morality in terms of the products that it provides for its customers, the practices that the company observes in order to help preserve the environment, the establishment of charitable programs that help various communities and vulnerable populations, the implementation of a salary ratio that looks out for the best interest of dedicated employees who contribute to organizational success, as well as the support of various advocacies that are socially and morally responsive such as genetic cloning, the flaws in the federal government’s spending that need to be changed, and such. (“Social & Environment Assessment 2006” & “Our Company,” N.D.)

Mixing commercialism and corporate social responsibility through socially and morally conscious implementation of company mission and vision has contributed to not only to the success of the company’s activities, but also to their position as a commercial organization in the corporate arena. The company’s mission and vision has been the core or foundation of everything that it does, making it the mechanism that propels the company into action. They are not merely principles incorporated in company mission and vision statements that are written on paper, but they were the same principles that guided the development of Ben & Jerry’s.

Therefore, it is difficult to separate the company mission and vision from its activities as a means to evaluate whether they work well with the various programs and activities that the company implements, because the activities were clearly structured and designed to uphold the company’s mission and vision without fail. Cohen and Greenfield already acknowledged how the company mission and vision that they promote and implement in company programs and activities were contributory to the organization’s success. (Cohen & Greenfield, 1998)


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