Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane is a fictionalised historical drama about the early stages of Jane Austen’s life and experiences. However, the film mostly highlights the romance Austen in which presumably inspired her now highly recognised writing, especially Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility (supported by the movie’s tagline: “Between sense and sensibility and pride and prejudice was a life worth writing about”). In Becoming Jane, it is the late 1700s and Jane is an outgoing, young yet frustrated aspiring writer in her twenties.

Many believed that the romance between Jane Austen and Thomas Lefroy was the inspiration behind her novels. The events and themes in this film supports this idea as there are many similarities between her own personal life and the characters’ lives in her books. In the movie, Jane (portrayed by Anne Hathaway) is an independent minded woman who thought ahead of her time. Even living in a period when marriage all about heritage and wealth, she still believes that love and happiness is more valuable.

This belief is fuelled later when Tom Lefroy enters her life and the two falls in love. However her society is split into two sides: one side has the majority of the people who believes money is the most important part of life while the thinks that money can not buy love. In other words it’s people, who follow the logic and proper way of thinking and with “sense”, against others who are “sensible” and follow their heart and passion. Jane represents “sensibility” because, even though she has admirers such as the awkward Mr. Wixley, she rejects his proposal and refuses to marry someone she does not love.