Becoming illegal immigrants

Some illegal immigrants come to the United States also in search for better housing and basic infrastructure like roads and transport. The technological advancement in the transport system for the United States enables easy way of life and transport unlike in the developing countries where the transport system in poor and hence hinders in business. The illegal immigrants would like to invest and start their own business that may entirely depend on the transport system and United States would be a potential place to invest or start your own business.

In the developing countries we have slums and poor housing with poor sanitation that may cause one to migrate in search of better housing. United States has good housing will proper sanitation and also affordable due to the high income earnings that are easily acquired. In Some developed countries there is a high standard of living that good housing is not affordable even when available because of the low income and high taxation. The United States offers good housing affordable due to the fair taxation available and also more job opportunities available.

Many people outside the U. S. and particularly those from poor countries have always sought assistance from well wishers for them to go to developed countries and particularly the United States of America. There is a wide believe from many people in the world particularly those from the poor countries that life in the United States is simple and they can succeed if they get an opportunity to be in united States. This is the reason why we find that many people enter and stay in the United States illegally and in the process becoming illegal immigrants.

For example most of the people who are said to be illegal immigrants in the United States are always said that they came for a visit particularly visiting those who have relatives and friends who have visited the place earlier. Research indicates that most of those people who arrived earlier in the United States are students who later play the role of being hosts to their friends and relatives from their various countries. In conclusion, the United States offers so many opportunities for one to earn a better living hence attracts many immigrants to come and explore this opportunities.

There are a lot of job opportunities for high income earners and the best education at affordable fee to all. Housing is also affordable to all and there is co existence between the communities that attract immigrants to come and live as one all in search for a better life in the United States. The standard of living in the United States is rated to be excellent as compared to different countries since its economic growth is considered to be stable.


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