Be Sentenced With First Degree Manslaughter

The people’s opinions on the American government are highly varied. Some Americans believe that the government has too much power. Others believe that the government hasn’t been doing enough for the country. The truth is that the government protects the common good of the people. For instance, New York banned gay and trans ‘panic defenses’. In addition to this, San Francisco outlawed the selling and distribution of electronic cigarettes. These examples may not seem like much, but the reasoning behind it shows the true importance of these actions.

To start, New York banning the use of gay and trans ‘panic defenses’ is a great example of how important the government is. These panic defenses use a victim’s sexual orientation/preference, gender identity, or gender expression as a way of legal defense. For instance, James Dixon used this way of defense in his trial in 2016. He had beaten Islan Nettles, a transgender woman, to death. In his taped confession he had said, “I don’t want to be fooled. My pride is at stake.” In the end, Dixon was sentenced to only 12 years of jail time. Many people thought that this wasn’t enough as he was sentenced with first degree manslaughter. Furthermore, Senator Brad Holyman states, “In banning the gay and trans panic defense, New York is sending a message to prosecutors, to defense attorneys, juries and judges that a victim’s LGBTQ identity can’t be weaponized.” This ban shows that the LGBTQ New Yorkers are recognized and that they matter under the New York government. Without the government, many New Yorkers wouldn’t have gotten the justice they deserved.

This ban has also been introduced in many other states, including New Jersey, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and New Mexico. With the action of just one state, other states are also trying to enforce this ban, showing that LGBTQ rights are seen as important as well. In addition to New York’s ban, San Francisco has stopped the selling and distribution of electronic cigarettes. Products can’t be shipped to homes either. The ban has recently been announced, but it will be strictly enforced in the beginning of 2020. One of the main reasons this ban was created was because vaping has become a large problem in high schools and even middle schools. To illustrate, one out of five high schoolers confessed to vaping at least once in the past month.

This is almost double the results from 2017. Not only this, but large numbers of eighth graders have also started to vape. This ban will hopefully prevent another generation of nicotine addicts. This is important because nicotine can greatly harm the developing brain. Moreover, because vaping has recently been introduced, the long term effects of vaping aren’t yet known of. In addition to that, Juul Labs, the biggest producer in the United States, is located in San Francisco, meaning vaping numbers would drop even more. Not only would this positively affect the teenagers’ health, but it would also affect their education. When asked about her peers addiction, Abbey Chaitin, a fifteen year old who has lived in San Francisco her whole life says, “I’ll see them in class fidgeting. They need it to focus, to function.” E-cigarettes are negatively affecting teens all over the country in countless ways and this is the government’s first step to help.

In short, the government protects and serves the needs of the people. This has been shown through countless events. Recently, New York supported LGBTQ rights by outlawing gay and trans panic defenses. Likewise, San Francisco is trying to prevent teens from becoming addicted to nicotine by banning the selling of e-cigarettes. The government has always tried to help and protect its citizens and is therefore necessary in America. Without it the country would have no order and create chaos.