Ayala Property Management

Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC) is the biggest property management company in the Philippines—both in terms of aggregate revenue and the scope of portfolio. It is the property management arm of Ayala Land, which is one of the Philippines’ largest and most trusted real estate companies. It started as the Building Administration Division of Ayala Corporation and was spun-off as Insular Building Services in 1976. In 1988, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc. , this time as Ayala Property Management Corporation.

For more than thirty years, we have continued to be the sole property manager of Ayala Land, Inc. ’s prime real estate projects, including most of those developed by Ayala Land, Inc. and subsequently sold and handed over to new property owners. MISSION We are in the property management to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations by providing world-class facilities, and delivering efficient, prompt and innovative services. We commit to enhance the value of the properties we manage and achieve a fair return to our shareholders.

We recognize that our employees are the principal assets of the company. As such, we focus on their training needs, inculcate the values of professionalism, integrity and teamwork, provide career opportunities, and reward outstanding performance. We shall contribute to the preservation of the environment and the development of the communities we are doing business in. VISION To be the best property management company in the Philippines, so that when people in business think property management, they think first and foremost of APMC and the property management standards set by the Company.

OUR VALUES CUSTOMER ORIENTATIONThe Customer, our reason for being, is foremost in our minds. Everything we do, we do for the customer: we anticipate and respond to his/her ever-changing needs. A customer is someone who needs to be served. We must share a common mindset, that of rendering whatever it takes to satisfy the needs & expectations of our customers. Those who deal directly with external customers serve as vital conduits for support groups to appreciate the needs of the external customers and how these are to be met.

The organization becomes a network of interlocking relationships among internal customers and service providers, ultimately leading to the satisfaction of the company’s ultimate customers. QUALITYQuality is measured by customer satisfaction. A quality service anticipates and exceeds customer expectations; a customer may be an internal or external customer. A quality service has the following attributes:Quick/Timely Response A quality service is one that is delivered at the right time. Value (cost) A quality service delivers the best value for the customer’s money.

Features A quality service offers extras that differentiate the service from competition. Aesthetics A quality service is appealing, distinct and identifiable. By creating service that are of high and lasting quality, APMC not only because it’s an ALI Subsidiary but also in terms of the personalized service it offers, becomes the preferred choice of the market it serves, thus reinforcing and sustaining our industry leadership. The APMC brand name, established through the years by providing services of superior quality, is our most important competitive advantage.

PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCEPursuit of excellence means that there is a constant quest for perfection. All employees conscientiously seek to do the right things right, the first time. Since perfection is elusive, it also implies that learning is institutionalized. Lessons are learned in everything that is done; they are disseminated and taught to others; they become part of standard operating procedures. Pursuit of excellence also implies that the organization is agile enough to change as the situation demands.

It is the organization that learns; it is also the organization that “unlearns”. Change is the only constant in life; this is particularly true in the current economic environment of Asia and the Philippines. The rate of change has increased over time. Change requires adjustment. To survive and prosper we have to learn fast and learn well. Without the thirst to excel there is no leadership; without aiming to be better, to be the best, there is no glory. INTEGRITYIntegrity is the adherence in word and in deed to a high level of moral conduct.

Integrity isimportant because the conduct of business relies on mutual trust between employers and employees, management and stockholders, co-workers, APMC and its business partners, and most importantly, APMC and its customers. A business that is known for its integrity will be highly regarded in the community. Its name alone will be an assurance that the company will always act in the best interest of the public it serves. This is especially relevant for APMC because of its scope and therefore impact on the community.

It is important for APMC because of its long term perspective. CONCERN FOR PEOPLEWe value our people and have utmost concern for their welfare. We do so by committing resources to help them develop as persons and to improve the quality of their lives. We develop our people by facilitating their learning and assisting them in their career development. We help them improve their quality of life by helping them achieve job satisfaction and by respecting their needs and priorities as human beings. Our objective is to develop highly inspired associates.

We recognize that people are key to APMC’s achievement of its vision and objectives. We hope to attract and keep highly inspired and empowered associates who are committed to APMC. We hope to do so by committing to their personal and career developments. BIAS FOR RESULTSWe seize opportunities. We actively respond to problems with a sense of urgency. We take the initiative to personally follow through the process, even after our individual task has been completed, to ensure that necessary closure is attained.

A bias for results means that we are not content with merely finishing our own personal “assignments”; we actively ensure that the process is carried through to the end. In an empowered organization, those entrusted with responsibility, must accept it and put it to good use to constantly produce according to expectations. A bias for results ensures that the effectiveness of empowerment is maximized. Because of the highly competitive nature of our industry, it is critical that we always deliver the right product at the right time. A bias for results enables us to be more responsive to this challenge.

We recognize that everything we do is a contribution to this larger process. EMPOWERMENTEmpowerment is a sense of ownership of jobs and projects that arise as a result of mutually understood expectations, the grant of reasonable authority limits and therefore control of resources, clear accountabilities, and coaching. This result in employees being able to realize their full potential within APMC, as they willingly accept responsibility for making decisions and taking action that best reflect the interests of the company and its customers.

APMC’s properties/projects have grown in size, complexity, and diversity; these can only be managed by groups of men and women who accept and respond to the challenge that “ownership” of in a project provides. Decisions and action have to be closer to the projects. APMC can be more responsive to demands of customers and the challenge of competition, by fostering a bias for results, which thrives in an empowered environment; employees’ needs to contribute fully to APMC’s survival and growth will also be met.

LONG TERM FOCUSLong-term focus means having a forward looking perspective in all our plans, decisions and actions. It is a conscious effort to consider the long term implications of today’s decisions and actions. It means pursuing actions which may not have a positive or significant impact in the short-run but may influence or make a difference on the company’s long-term future. We are measured by the success of the communities we have built. We have proven that planning for the long-term and continuing to support the communities we have built are consistent with sound business objectives.

APMC’s superior brand image is an important asset to the organization. We believe that practicing the value of “long-term focus” allows us to protect and enhance this asset. The practice of this value supports our vision of “nurturing communities that will thrive through the passage of time….. “. The discipline of foresight has and will continue to allow APMC to identify and act on vital opportunities and threats; this is critical for long-term survival and competitive advantage. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYOur services provide value to our customers, whose welfare we cannot compromise.

We should manage our properties in a way that should benefit surrounding communities and contribute to the development of society. Because of the nature of our business, we need to consider the effect of our communities not only on our neighbors but also on the nation. The value of the land is enhanced by the way we harmonize our management of our properties with the environment. MALASAKITA sense of identity with APMC that is demonstrated in selfless service, dedication and commitment.

Giving all out support to co-workers and the organization. Providing a supportive climate in the organization that motivates people to enjoy coming to work. Malasakit is a Filipino value that characterizes the way APMC people live and work. It connotes genuine concern for others –being one with and feeling with them. We demonstrate malasakit towards each other at work, showing genuine respect and caring for our co-employees, concern for their welfare as well as the well being of their families.

We show malasakit towards our customers , the residents at our residential projects ,the customers at our shopping centers, and the guests at our hotels . The genuine concern and quality we put into their living, shopping, and entertainment experience distinguishes us. We seek to give nothing but the best at par with global standards. We have malasakit towards our countrymen, knowing that the our efforts to build sustainable communities are an invaluable contribution to a quality way of life for the Filipino, both the present and future generations. |