Avoidance of crime

The internet has come to establish itself as a technology that man can almost not do without. Today, it is estimated that over 1. 5 billion people use the internet and this includes men, women, children, business people, organizations and criminals. In recent times, there have been several issues that have been raised about internet usage. Although this technology has been beneficial to mankind, it has not come without its demerits. Today, it has become a usual occurrence to hear of cases of breach of security, invasion of privacy, cyber bullying and other incriminating activities on the internet.

Consequently, this has made some groups/organization rise up to the call – the call of reducing these activities on the internet. Prominent among these groups are the EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) and EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). However, questions have been asked if these groups are really necessary or useful? Have their operations been successful or are they merely involved in an enterprise that is doomed for failure?

If they are necessary, how well have they been able to achieve what they set out to achieve? These are the questions that this essay would be addressing in the paragraphs below. From my point of view, I believe that these organizations are extremely necessary. Considering the effect of these criminating activities that are being carried out on a daily basis on the internet, it is extremely important to have organizations that would educate the people and the government about the dangers inherent in internet usage.

Although it might sound absurd but the truth is that most people don’t know the extent these activities can go to affect them. Yes, they might know that these activities exist but they might not know how they might fall victims to them. The first way of curbing these crimes and dealing with issues that relate with breach of civil liberty and privacy on the internet is to be aware of them and this is what the Electronic Frontier Foundation aims to do. Furthermore, these organizations do not only provide information, they also provide legal support/aid for people.

They also carry out researches which they use to educate the people via news letters and conferences. Summarily, we must understand that the best way to solve a crime is by making they people know about the crime. This places them on a platform where they would be able to identify and avoid such issues because they are aware of their right. Awareness is pivotal to avoidance of crime.


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