Automobile Brake-by-Wire

This paper was prepared for Braking Systems, taught by Professor Kelley Automobiles have changed considerably since Henry Ford first produced economical vehicles rapidly. He was the one to start the Ford Motor Company. Ford vehicles, as many other vehicle companies have allowed people to think in a different way as to how we travel from point A to point B in a resourceful manner. Today’s vehicle owners feel having new features and advanced technology in our vehicles are considered a luxury.

When a driver is behind the wheel, they feel in control of where they are going and when they want to stop. But when it comes to having new equipment in our vehicles, we want to know how it all works. We know when we want to stop either for stop signs or preventing an accident with a person or an object. The driver is always thinking of when they may need to brake and how to react when the braking happens. America’s popular cars are continuously evolving.

Many engineers who are currently working on producing and designing vehicle models are bringing new features that will appear sooner than later. Since the person at the wheel will not have the authority to brake when they feel necessary, placement of these new digital technologies is a dramatic change for drivers. Drivers will need to understand functions of the new digital technologies that are being installed in their vehicles. They also must be aware of the changes that will affect them.

Engineers who are working in the auto industry have liked the new brake-by-wire technology idea and some vehicles such as Ford, GMAC, and BMW have introduced this digital feature in their most recent models. A vehicle defined by wire is referred to when one or more of the primary vehicle systems operate with electronic controls instead of a traditional mechanical linkage. Companies are experimenting with this feature and studying the benefits from changing our current brake system to digital brakes for our future vehicles.

As this is being done I really hope these engineers and companies are researching this new technology so that accidents can be prevented and eliminated. I personally am excited about the digital technology that vehicles are equipped with. The pressure of driving will be taken off the driver tremendously. This new system will allow the driver to be more engaged in the entertainment process with the passengers. Looking at the scenery or messing with the radio are luxuries that the driver really doesn’t have.

With this new technology the driver will not have to worry about when to brake or how to stop the vehicle. I assume that the tiny digital chip that is installed to operate this system will do its job accurate and correctly. I assume that the driver will only have the responsibility to maneuver and adjust the speed of the vehicle. On the other hand, this theory is very concerning to me, we as drivers feel comfortable when we have control over when and how we stop. Too many questions rise in my mind, when technology is responsible for doing the work.

Again, when I press on the brakes I do not like the idea of a chip having all the control of stopping my vehicle. Although we are not fully aware of this new system yet, I feel that in the long run this new system will only create problems. I imagine that there will be more accidents occurring due to the idea of a chip stopping the vehicle will wear out or possibly just simply fail. I also feel that with this new technology, society will have a different outlook on driving.

My question is, will more accidents occur due to the possible wear and failure of the chip responsible for stopping. Not only will this system create problems for our future but I’m sure it will only get more expensive. I as well as many other drivers can barely afford to buy a simple vehicle, let alone an expensive high tech vehicle. Any technological advancement that appears in our lives will change our way of living and thinking. This will have a big impact on consumers. The by wire systems will benefit drivers to have the brake by wire installed in our vehicles in the next 10 years.

It may not be far off from now when vehicles will have the brake by wire, but in the meantime we will depend on the development and accuracy for the brake by wire to work effectively. Of course we must save money for these high tech vehicles because I’m sure future vehicles involving these elaborate systems will only continue to be more costly. References Fantanelle, Anthony. “Brake-By-Wire Promises to be the Brake System of the Future. ” ArticleBase. http://www. articlesbase. com/automotive-articles/brakebywire-promises-to-be-the-brake-system-of-the-future-113122. html. , March 06, 2007. August 29, 2013.