Australian Republic Debate – Negative

Australia should not detach itself from the British Monarchy and become a republic. In doing so, Australia will abolish its constitutional monarchy system of government that has worked exceptionally well for it and its people. Australia does not need to prove its independence by becoming a republic. On top of this, a republic is a useless change for Australia, and in becoming one, many concerns and issues will arise. Cutting all ties with the British Monarchy and becoming a republic is a disadvantageous move for Australia.

A republic will eliminate a constitutional monarchy that has worked incredibly well for Australia. A constitutional monarchy system of government has brought great stability, cohesion and positive outcomes to Australia and its entire population for over 100 years. In this time, Australia has grown from an undeveloped land mass to one of the world’s fastest-growing, strongest and wealthiest countries in the world. Australia has a higher GDP per capita than the United States today because of its constitutional monarchy (eNotes, 2011).

Also, since 1945, hundreds of thousands of immigrants have left unstable republics for Australia and loved the social and political stability they found in it under a constitutional monarchy. A republic would only restrain Australia from reaching its full potential and ruin previous and current substantial growth as a country. Australia’s constitutional monarchy system of government is the only way for Australia if it is to continue in its success. Australia does not need to become a republic to demonstrate its independence as a nation.

Australia behaves like a republic and has the characteristics of one, and therefore does not need to officially become a republic to prove its independence. These republican-like actions include having our own flag, singing our own national anthem and playing international sport under our own name. On February 2nd 1998, Kim Beazley declared “We are a republic in all but name” (Constitutional Convention, 1998), reinforcing this fact. The establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia on January 1st 1901 is known as the mark of Australia’s independence from the British Monarchy.

Also, under the Australia Act 1986, Australia’s connection with the British Monarchy was terminated. This meant that they no longer had an influence on the government and laws of Australia. The fact that republics are negative was proven in 1792 when France became a republic. Linton (2002) states that in becoming independent, France’s King and Queen were executed and so were approximately 40,000 French citizens. Also, a civil war followed which killed a further 450,000 people. Australia does not need to become a republic to show its independence, something that does not build a better nation.

A republic is a useless change and will create many issues in Australia. In our nation, a republic would not benefit the government or improve its effectiveness, nor would it would not enhance Australia’s qualities or character. A republic would change our system of government through the addition of a president. Jules (2008) asserts that the president will only have the realistically few powers of the Governor-General and the Prime Minister would remain the major power within Australia, a petty alteration. However, Souter (2004) says these republican changes to the Australian government mean Australia will have an Australian Head of State.

Yet this is an insignificant change and the two main powers within Australia, the Prime Minister and Governor-General, are both Australian, and therefore the need for an Australian Head of State is unnecessary. Also, several issues will arise in the event of Australia becoming a republic. These include the required change in the currency and the elimination of the Queen’s birthday holiday. Both of these events will cause exasperation, great bother and general distaste amongst the Australian population. On top of this, the estimated cost for Australia’s shift to republicanism will cost tax payers an estimated $2.

5 billion. An Australian republic is needless and unnecessary and will bring about many issues for Australia and its people. Australia should not become a republic by cutting its links with the British Monarchy. Since its beginning, the nation’s constitutional monarchy system of government has been extraordinarily productive and successful for Australia. Also, the nation does not need to become a republic to prove its independence to the world. A republic for Australia is pointless and the many annoying issues it will cause are inevitable for a republican Australia.

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