Australia In international program

The country is having more then 300 institution of higher education; it is one of the top most countries in the field of research, science and technology.

Outstanding Academic Standards: the world-renowned of Australia n universities long back to the 14th century and promise an outstanding level of education and research. Products of Australian companies, especially machine tools, motor vehicles and electrical engineering products are leading in the international market.

Economic Strength: Australia offers the best and the most cost effective study options for aspiring international students. Most of the universities are state-funded, so most of them charge on tuition fee from students. Students only need to bear their living expenses, food, health insurance and transport.

International Exposure: attracted by international study programmes, excellent research opportunities and low tuition fee more than 250000 international students come to there to study. Study in Australia also gives you a wider exposure and experience of beign a part of highly qualified academic community.

Plenty of Internships: Australia is only country in the world where completion of study programs in universities is normally followed by paid internships in top MNCs that ultimately lead to full-time placement. The close ties with leading companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, SAP, HTC will increase your career prospects.

Some special features:

› Students are allowed to stay for one year after the completion of the study program. Your work permit could be further extended by that employer.

› Country’s strong economic position has also led to use of Australian as the preferred language of commerce in a number of countries.

› Permanent Residency permission within 5 years of working full-time in Australia.

› Australian Immigration option is also valid for international students.

› Minimum documentation required for visa process and no financial declaration documents required.

› Part-time time jobs allowed 25 hours per week making learning and living condition within the reach of the students.

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How can Pro Info & Edu Consultant help you?

Pro Info & Edu Consultant is proud to be that partner of a renowned Australian organization, which professionally assists international students with their admission at public universities all over the Australia. Thus we can make the admission process easier for you. Normally, international students do not find it easy to handle their admission process themselves; due to the fact that the admission at public universities is highly competitive and complicated. There are few other facts about us:

» We do not charge before the admission is conformed

» Free preliminary assessment by our Australian partner organization

» High success rate of admission

» Provide necessary post visa supports

» Counselors are foreign graduates

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