Attend College

When making decisions that could possibly change your life, a lot of thoughts are processed through your mind. When making the call to attend college you may ask yourself many questions. These questions may include why you are attending college, what do you hope to gain from the experience, what possible challenges you may encounter and solutions, what actions will you take in order to be successful, and what personal qualities or skills that make you suited for studying in a technical age. Recently I have made the decision to attend college, doing so has encouraged me to answer these questions for myself.

There are many reasons why I am attending college. However, I am only going to address my main motives. One reason why I have enrolled in college is the opportunity to further my knowledge. I believe that knowledge is the key to success. I say this because most career jobs in modern society request that you have at least a bachelor’s degree to get hired on at an entry level position. I reasonably believe the perspective of Corporate America is that an educated individual will function more efficiently than an uneducated one. Also, attending college will prepare me for a rewarding career in law enforcement.

I plan on joining a federal law enforcement agency and the criteria states that personnel must posses a bachelor’s degree as a minimum. Getting the career in federal law enforcement means I will be able to support my family in the future. Supporting them with a source of income from a career I am passionate about and enjoy will make my family and I happy. For example my mother supported three children on her own and she loved what she did so that aided in the amount of happiness present inside our home. One thing I would like to gain from going to college is a degree.

I know that may seem obvious but I have met people in my past that have gone to college but decided not to continue at one point or another. A degree will give me a great sense of accomplishment. The idea that I have worked hard to earn something I wanted and needed would be unexplainable, like the feeling I had when graduating high school. Making the decision to attend college has already made my family proud and I would like to continue to do that. One thing in particular I would like to gain from attending college is future job security.

As I stated previously most career jobs require that you have a bachelor’s as a minimum. With education under my belt it will help me acquire a career with job security in the future. There are several possible challenges that could get in my way of attending college. My current schedule happens to be a possible challenge. I already have a lot on my plate and now I am adding school. I currently employed at a job that demands fourteen to sixteen hours a day and advance job knowledge training. My solution to this problem will be time management.

I will create and adhere to a schedule. A schedule will allow me to stay organized and harbor me from feeling overwhelmed. My lack of priorities may also be a challenge. Occasionally, I tend to focus on the things I desire and set aside things I need. My solution is to prioritize my life. I will differentiate between needs and wants then prioritize as needed. I may actually construct a priority list and place it on my door. That way I can be reminded of what is more important. Another possible challenge of mine is misunderstanding assignments.

At times I find it difficult for me to grasp a concept if it is not stated explicitly. I tend to over think different assignments. My solution will be to seek help and guidance when I have doubts. I will accomplish this by contacting my instructor for clarification as needed. Personal qualities and skills I have that make me suited for studying in a technical age are proficiency with computers, perseverance, and I am aware of what is available. I have been to school for four years studying computers, from computer engineering to computer programming.

Taking an online class in a technical age takes some knowledge in computers in order to operate efficiently. I believe I know enough in order to keep the headaches away. Also perseverance plays a big role in my life. I do not stop unless I have completed a task. If I am unsuccessful I continue to try until a desired outcome is reached. I am also aware of the abundant amount of resources that technology provides. One in particular, the internet. The internet is an enormous database of knowledge and resources. Making the decision to attend college is an important milestone in life.

It is the point where you begin working towards something that is not given to you but is earned. You may have doubts about college, but a goal is what keeps us progressing through life. If college is your goal to achieving a degree and to ultimately attain the career of your dreams you may want to ask yourself the some questions questions. Answering these particular questions have given me more insight to where I am going and the steps I will take to get there. I know feel more comfortable with the idea of college, and I will strive for that degree. References.