Assignment Wan Paper

A WAN or Wide Area Network is one of the most important communication tools available to businesses today. The main benefit of a Wide Area Network is companies that have more than one office location either in the same metropolitan area, nationwide, or internationally. For example, Aero Media has several office locations in one state. Currently there are three office locations. The best solution for Aero Media is to have an ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network. Cost effectiveness is one of the best qualities of this type of WAN technology.

For example, ISDN supports data, voice and video simultaneously. ISDN operates on leased lines and it uses telecommunication infrastructure to connect to the remote network. (networktutorials. com, 1997). Advantages for an Integrated Services Digital Network include; speed, multiple devices, and connection times. Speed is very important in communicating through the three different locations of Aero Media. Allowances for an Integrated Services Digital Network, is that there are multiple digital channels that operate simultaneously thorough the same copper wire.

Digitally there is more data transfer compared to analog lines. (networktutorials. com, 1997). Connecting multiple devices is also an important factor for Aero Media. A cost effective benefit is that ISDN network lines can handle multiple devices on a single line. Up to eight devices such as four computers, two printers, fax machines, can all work simultaneously from that single network cable. (networktutorials. com, 1997). Connections speeds are essential for any business network. For example, modern dial-up modems that operate on higher speeds can usually connect in ranges of a half a minute to a minute.

With the ISDN that connection times are usually instantaneous and can take two seconds or less. (networktutorials. com, 1997). With any type of WAN network technology there are always disadvantages. For example, a separate digital service is required to be paid in order to have the ISDN installed and maintained. An ISDN is namely more expensive that using the ordinary telephone lines. Second, for the main office or corporate office, a VPN would provide secure connectivity to remote sites thorough public telecommunication networks such as the Internet.

This type of network is key for employees that conduct business while traveling. Employees can log into Aero Media’s VPN remotely from anywhere and any information entered in is secured and safe from intrusion. For example, with a VPN, data is encrypted while being sent from one computer to another through public telecommunications networks such as the Internet. After the data is received at the recipient’s computer, the data is then decrypted to its original form. (networktutorials. com, 1997). ISDN can also be likened to circuit switching.

Switch circuits allow data connections that can be initiated when needed and terminated when communication is complete. This is very similar to a telephone line regarding voice communication. When a router has data for a remote site, the switched circuit is initiated with the circuit number of the remote network. In the case of ISDN circuits, the device actually places a call to the telephone number of the remote ISDN circuit. When the two networks are connected and authenticated, the data can be transferred and when the transfer is complete, the connection will end, or the call will be terminated.

(Cisco System, 2010) Devices and hardware used for the WAN include switches, access servers, modems, CSU/DSU, ATM switches, multiplexers, and ISDN terminal adapters. In addition, routers also need to be included in the design of Aero Media’s WAN. The WAN switch is a multiport internetworking devices used in carrier networks. Consider that there are two routers at different ends of a WAN that are connected by a switch. An access server acts as a concentration point for dial-in and dial-out connections. For example, the access server handles all incoming and outgoing connections from all of the devices connected such as faxes, computer, etc.

The CSU/DSU (channel service unit/digital service unit) is a digital-interface device used to connect a router to a digital circuit such as a T1. (Cisco Systems, 2010) Routers are devices which forward packets of data on the network. They are located at connecting point of two or more networks, i. e. the gateways. A router connection facilitates file sharing between multiple computer systems. The digital interface device that facilitates the router to connect to a digital circuit (T1, for example) is called a Channel Service Unit/Digital Service Unit (CSU/DSU).

For communication among the devices, the CSU/DSU offers signal timing. An ISDN Terminal Adapter interlinks the ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connections to the rest of the interfaces on a router, such as EIA/TIA-232. Although it has similarity to a modem, it does not perform the modulation/demodulation functions. The WAN hardware devices have specific functions that ultimately aid in efficient WAN connections and thereby Business continuity for companies. Speed is an important factor underlying this entire infrastructure. To effectuate speed in connectivity, it is necessary to monitor network traffic and load balance.

WAN compression devices consistently reduce WAN traffic, increase the WAN capacity and improve application performance and user response time. WAN compression becomes efficient when it is used selectively based on specific applications. Bandwidth is utilized to the maximum, curtailing unnecessary and redundant data transmission (WANRedundancy. org, 2008) My recommendation for Aero Media is to use T Carrier lines such as the T1 or T3 that are the most commonly used lines today. T1 and T2 are multiplexors which are used to allow several channels on one line.

The available channels may be used separately or for data or voice transmissions or they can be combined for more transmission bandwidth. The 64Kbps data transmission rate is referred to as DS-0 (Digital Service level 0) and a full T1 line is referred to as DS-1. So if I had a signal DS-1, system T1, the total Kbps will be 1544 for 24 channels on one line. (comtechdoc. org, 2010). T1 and T2 use standard cooper wire. These lines can be leased partially which means that a customer can lease a certain number of channels on one line. Overall, an ISDN network technology will be used to connect each office.

A T1 connection will be used. The data connection will be circuit switching. Upgrades and improvements will be easy to assimilate into the WAN. There is an extra cost associated with leasing digital lines, but connecting multiple devices through one line simultaneously is a very important benefit for Aero Media. The three main concerns are speed, cost, and expandability. ISDN networks allow for speedier connections, some lesser costs since cooper wire is used and also the telephone lines are leased for the digital lines. References Cisco Systems. (2010). Introduction to WAN Technologies.

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