Which aspects of social media appeal to teenagers and why?

As Man enter the 21st century, also known as the century of technology and development, social media grows to be one of the most widely-used means of interaction yet. Teenagers especially, find social media appealing. They are born in it, they grow up in it, and they live in it. Wherever they go, they always find an opportunity to get their hands on social media. As teenagers continue to find social media appealing, many discussions are raised on what exactly are the aspects of social media that make it appealing.

In this essay I shall bring up some of the many aspects and elaborate on it. First of all, convenience is one of the major factors that contribute to social media’s appeal to teenagers. Teenagers nowadays constantly look for something new, something unusual, and something to fill their curious minds. Not just that, it needs to be easily available. Social media provides just the thing. One good example is search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. Teenagers just need to input a few words and they will have hundreds of thousands of search results on their fingertips.

With such incredible accessibility and availability, teenagers living in this fast-paced and technologically-advanced society cannot help but be attracted to social media. By knowing new things every day, teenagers’ knowledge expand and they can even share what they know with their peers and family members. After all, knowledge is power. They feel accomplished when they get to learn something useful or even interesting. Therefore convenience plays a big part in the appeal of social media as teenagers are attracted by the easy accessibility to the things they want to get their hands on.

Teenagers, being social creatures, like to share many things with one another. This brings forward the second aspect. Social media appeal to them as it is able to let them share their thoughts and experiences. If they see a funny picture on Facebook, they can ‘like’ it and share it to their friends so that they can also get a good laugh out of the picture like they did. If they capture a wonderful moment, they can upload it on Instagram to share the beautiful photo with others, so they can feel happy or even heartened by it. Teenagers are strongly affected by emotions, especially happiness.

That is why if they feel happy, they want others to feel the same too. They want others to agree with what they feel or just let others know how they feel. Social media is the perfect platform for them to express their feelings and share their thoughts. Through social media, the things they want to share can reach many people within a short time, hence social media appeal to teenagers. As teenagers are living in the world where anyone and everyone are connected, they love to bond. Through social media, teenagers are able to do so. The third aspect which makes social media appealing to teenagers is that it brings teenagers closer together.

If there is an event, especially those that are large-scale, they will take part in it together, bonding them in the process. Recently in 2013, some of Singapore’s best hawkers competed with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in a cooking challenge. Hundreds of Singaporeans, in which many were teenagers, were brought together due to advertising through social media. Teenagers were able to gather and form new friendships because of social media. To teenagers, meeting new people is never enough. They constantly seek to feel like they belong and have fun at the same time, and social media is able to become their bridge to their desires.

That is why social media appeal to teenagers so much. If teenagers are asked whether they will grow tired of social media, they will most likely disagree. The social media is vast and infinite. It has and will continue to appeal to them with its convenience. It will continue to share and spread the funny and heartwarming moments. It will continue to bring teenagers and even more people together. Teenagers believe that social media will advance and develop even more to provide them appealing aspects that are more incredible and unimaginable.