Asian Development Bank

The Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women Project (GEEOW) is an Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded Project that aims to support the equality & empowerment of rural poor women in the15 districts of Central and Western cluster of Nepal. The Department of Women Development (DWD) is entrusted with the task of gender mainstreaming and empowerment of women under the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare of Government of Nepal (GoN).

Amongst others, DWD is implementing a project, “Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women” (GEEoW). It is a five-year project with the loan assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB). GoN and ADB reached an agreement in November 2006 and the project started in the second quarter of 2007.

The project is designed to deliver demand-led support to communities for the sustainable and equitable improvement of the livelihoods and social and legal empowerment of women with the efforts of other development works. GEEOW has been operating since January 2007 and will continue till December 31, 2011.

Objectives of the Assignment

The Engineer (CTA) should provide Technical input in engineering survey, design, construction supervision, monitoring and reporting of site activities and progress and will work closely with other team members in overall implementation of the projects.


Before established of Technical section construction activities was going on ad-hoc basis there was no any guideline,norms,specification by which how to implement the construction to achieve the objectives of project.

By our great effort we prepared technical guideline for community infrastructure works because major portion of GEEoW budget has been allocated on small community infrastructure works and WMC under social empowerment component it makes easy to construct and implement the proposed sub-projects easily at community level.

As a chief of technical section established good mechanism in planning, monitoring, supervision of small community works as well as to monitor and supervise the sub-engineer on construction works in conformity with quality, recordkeeping and progress works.

Major Activities carried Out

• In CPMT three technical person is required out of them one is engineer (CTA) and two sub-engineers. Before establishment of technical section .DPT has implemented norms, specification even though mostly DPT has not maintained the minimum requirement of technical norms so that the construction quality was not satisfactory. • By our presence of CPMT we developed lots of tools, techniques; formats by means of achieve the good quality of construction works.

• We established the system of prior review the only giving the approval of sub-projects. In prior review we checked through cost estimate, design of sub-projects weather it is followed standard norms, specification, district rate and related documents. If DPTs has fulfilled all details like then we gave approved to DPT.By which CPMT has all information’s about sub-project and how much amount has been spent in DPTs regarding the sub-projects. • Out of 15 programs district I have got a permission to visit 11 DPT during my tenure.In my field visit report have mentioned important remarks which had been observed and how the DPT has mentioned the budget but unfortunately.

There is not taken any action • Technical section has maintained the well up to daily record of small community infrastructure works from the project starting to till date. • In FY 067/068 prior review of 400 no’s of CIF works has been done, out of them 90% sub-project have been completed.


• During my tenure period I have visited 11 program districts I have observed that most of the DPTs were not aware about the quality of working. They were not follow specifications which I have mentioned in my field visit report • The project main objectives is to empower the rural women as well as uplift their socio economic condition under the social component by which generate the employment and increased the IG activities under the construction works but same DPTs like Bara,Doti are using heavy construction equipments like excavator,loader,JCB to construct fish pond and roads.