AS Government & Politics

Britain is a great example of a democracy. If Britain was not a democracy then it may become a dictatorship and lead by the monarchy. Protests, freedom of speech and petitions are the essence of democracy. If no one voted, if only one voted or if no one had an interest then it would still be against the law to be a homophobic, if no one gave an interest then the government wouldn’t fight to bring soldiers back home because it what the people what. 40:30:30 Society.

This is a term that Hutton described our society. it means that 40% are in secure work, 30% are in insecure work and 30% are in economic crisis and socially marginalised, jobless or working on poverty wages. If 60% are economically insecure and they are not getting better, there is no point to vote because getting out of the red and into the black is the highest priority on the peoples mind. If there is no change then, it can be seen as a wait vote.

Party participation is the absolute importance for a democracy to be in affect because many people have voted for changes that if they didn’t do, could have affected their life and even their family’s life in a bad way. There are many theories that has been studied over the past 60 years to suggest why people vote; party identification (the process of picking the party due to socialisation), sociologist theory (Pulzer’s report in 1967 shows that one votes due to social class and peoples characteristics.

The middle class votes Conservatives and working class votes Labour), another is the rational choice theory (Himmelweit at al 1981 said that citizens vote due to the performance of the previous administration and how it’ll effect their or their families goals, the last and final theory is the Dominant Ideology Theory (Dunleavy and Husbands 1985 argues that people vote due to the mass media and the misrepresentation). These theories suggest that we as the people have created competition, security and democracy. The UK leads by example because if people do not participate as citizens of a country, the citizens would be more of a dictatorship.

John Prescott wanted devolution for the South East; however they voted against it by a milestone. This is the essence for democracy. In my opinion I believe that if someone doesn’t want to vote or participate because of the lack of trust or because of financial issues then they shouldn’t, why should someone vote for a party or become a member of a party if they are not fulfilling their promises? However, I do believe that if a high proportion of the population do not vote then democracy will not take place because it is not a representative of the whole country.