What Is Art Deco and Where Can Similarities Be Seen in Contemporary Art, Design and Fashion?

Art Deco is the new reformed movement of Art Nouveau, however less complex and more abstract and clear designs. Art Deco was during 1911-1919. This was a depressing period, with war and poverty being the main reasons. Because of this, artists at the time got tired of the unhappiness and desperately wanted to change this. Therefore clear yet meaningful artwork was produced. Artwork started to express the glories of luxury and a spoilt life.

Architects were also influenced and buildings like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building were created. This was the start of Art Deco and away from the beautiful detailed motifs of Art Nouveau. This new art movement was modernised.

Contemporary design can be seen through architecture, a big part of Art Deco. So looking back at Art Deco in history, we understand that art deco is very much about geometric shapes such as chevrons, zigzags, arches and the stepped profile. This can be seen in the interior design of churches and modern houses, and even the design of furniture and wallpaper in houses.

Art Deco has very recently been in contemporary fashion, mostly in the Spring 2012 collections. Designers like to research on previous history for influence on their designs. Art Deco has a significant role in the time period, and therefore cannot be missed or used as inspiration for a more updated look. Some fashion designers to feature Art Deco are..

At the Carolina Herrera fashion show for Spring/Summer 2012. The collection focused on the geometrics of Art Deco; with “slinky bias-cut evening dresses frosted with Art Deco embroideries that were simply jagged with sophistication, but those same motifs in the intarsia knit of a lean sweater worn with cropped pants, or as the fine patent belts cinching the waists of sleek little tea dresses brought the looks firmly into the twenty-first century—for Herrera’s decorous modern clients” Another designer to feature Art Deco into today’s modern fashion was Gucci.

The collection was more aimed on the flapper girls and golden age of the Art Deco period. Featuring; short dresses with chevrons and very architectural designs. The glamour and expensive look was also Art Deco inspired with the iconic flapper girl bob hairstyle and girl power attitude.

Looking at how Art Deco has influenced designs today, shows how important an art movement can be and never forgotten. Art Deco can be spotted everywhere with many subjects in it. Art Deco has various sides; the playful luxurious clothes, simple geometric polished chicness and eye-catching floral silhouette dress. The new creative designs of Art Deco which have been modernised still express the original shapes, but some of today’s contemporary artists and architects have stylised it.