Arrengment in Black and White

“Arrangement in black and white”. The title says what the story is about. It’s about how the world is and was divided into black and white, and that is also the main theme in this story. How the white people handled black people when they met them. That is also a theme of the story The story takes place in America in 1930, where racial diversity/segregation (a theme) was a big problem in USA. There was a lot of racism and many white people couldn’t readjust to the thought of black people being accepted in the society for anything else than slaves and poor people.

The black people didn’t have any rights at all. If a white person got into a bus and a black was sitting he should stand up and give him his seat. Then white people had a lot of prejudices of black people. They thought that black people were poor and dirty. Prejudices of black people are also a theme. The main character in this story is The Woman with the Pink Velvet Poppies that says already that she is in the upper class, economical. She is married and she has a host and a colored laundress. “They’re just like children just as easygoing. Aren’t they the happiest things you ever saw in your life?

Honestly, it makes me laugh just to hear them” She tries very hard to convince herself that she is perfectly okay with black people, but several times she catches herself in saying stupid things. For example when she talks to Walter Williams about Katherine Burke, she caught herself in saying to Mr. Walter that Mrs. Burke was a lot darker than on stage. She is pretending to be a good person that is perfectly okay with people being different but she is like the rest of all human beings afraid of what different is from what we already know. Mrs.

Burton acts like she does because of that she is afraid to be judged on who she really is. The Atmosphere is very sad, because she is acting and he just ignores everything she is saying about him. They want equal rights for black and white so everyone can walk free on the street without being discriminated. It and that is why the story has a very serious atmosphere, also because she has prejudices against black people. The message in this story is no matter how different you look, you should treat everyone like all other people. She is acting so different when she is talking to colored people especially Mr. Walter.

The whole time that she was talking to him, he was acting perfectly and natural like nothing was different, and it was almost like he was trying to show her that nothing was different. ”I was going to say Katherine Burgelooked almost like a nigger. ” ”I just caught my self in time. Oh, do you think he noticed? ” ”I don’t believe so,” said her host. The host says that because she don’t care she is very neutral. But inwardly she thought only she is a racist as any other white people. Letter: Dear Host At the party I realized that Mrs. Burton is acting all the time and I had a ridiculous conversation with her.

I think that she is afraid of showing us who she really is; I realized that she is hiding her racists’ side she always caught herself in saying to Mr. Walter that Mrs. Burke was a lot darker than on stage. She is just like all the other white people, but doesn’t make it clearly because she is afraid to be judged. She appears as two different people. Best Regards Walter Williams Spot the odd one out: A| B| C| D| E| SegregationDiscriminationPrejudiceUnity| DifferentDissimilarDistressedContrasting| IdenticalSimilarRareSame| ExcludeShut outKeep outInclude| DifferBelongBe part ofFit in|.