Arrangement in Black and White

A New Year, new beginnings and things will change. But for me the start of 1955 hasn’t been so great so far. Earlier today a close friend of mine threw a dinner party for me which I was so delighted and thrilled when I found out. I thought to myself, wow now people don’t segregate and have respect for different races, however a woman with pink velvet poppies thwarted me by being offensive to my race.

She was scornful and had a patronizing attitude, although a bit of a bubbly white woman dressed up very posh that looked stubby and chubby in typical women heels, who thinks that she is very open-minded while her words continue to show that she is far from it. At first her approach seemed sociable then ironic by gossiping and being prejudice because I overheard her tell the host for tonight “wait until I tell Burton I called him ‘mister. I felt so wounded. She was even so close to calling Katherine Burke a ‘nigger’ oh god what a disgraceful phrase to say or to yet wonder about. I felt so sorry for the host tonight she was literally compelled to go from place to place by the women with pink velvet poppies as if the host were to be her tour guide.

How egotistic of her. I purely do not approve of anyone like that, she utterly made it therefore awkward for the host and I In our conversations I even noticed that she awkwardly stopped twice before finishing off her sentences and it sounded as if she was trying to stop herself from saying something…. Mm…, I could see the loathing expression getting stronger and harder on the hosts face but obviously didn’t show it to her. Away from that I still had an astounding night singing my famous hits in front of an endearing crowd.