Arguments on Outsourcing Information System Security

One major question here is that on what basis do we trust outsourcer on security issue before embarking on outsourcing? Outsourcing Security is the designation of vital security department of a firm to an outsider base on established terms and condition of service, tenure and other necessities. The process of making the necessary critical decision in the choice of security is rather becoming more difficult owing to IT frauds and crimes, the concern about good service delivery without direct human involvement with preserved privacy and effective feedback control system of data (Lacity et.

al. , 2001). Many businesses are faced with this serious decision today. One needs to also weigh the relevance of such approach in meeting the constant need of restructuring and refocusing organizational service delivery goal in a dynamic world. For each restructuring, it is not always a smooth process using information system security when issue of consumers’ adaptation is anything to go by (Mylott 1995). Arguing towards the advantage of outsourcing Information System, researchers gave an account of cost savings benefit it brings to the company for a growing industry.

Functions such as payroll, cash collection and other vital information handling are some of the tasks with possible consideration in outsourcing. When cost of personnel operations for an organisation is reduced, more finances would be available for other more or equally important function of the management to control, thus, there is increases in the profit which happen to be the sole aim for any company. Of more importance is the use in a small organization. Another merit to score the need for outsourcing security is the achievement of a reduced divergent focus by the company.

For a developing industry, there would be a better handling of security of information system since focuses are now decentralized. The company core areas of efficiency are not intermingled with less important ones. This will ensure that the growing firm focus more attention on issues that border with marketing, human relations and sales promotion that can barely be IT-automated. When a medium company channels focus on ensuring proficiency in handling financial data with preserved optimum security, the task could be time consuming taking up over weeks of working period.

Outsourcing this assignment to a professional firm is very vital and more subjected to accuracy since focuses are now decentralized. In view of above points, inefficient IS security of an organisation can receive significant boosting in function when outsourced to appropriate firm; hence, increase productivity is summarily enhanced. On the contrary, outsourcing of organization’s information system poses lots of danger to the management. One common problem is the security threats (Mylott 1995).

When a large organization has a strong network of operations with committed staff who work with confidentiality of vital information regarding the integrity of an organization, the introduction of outsourcing endangers the existing secured network. Many large companies that are globally renowned today have this competitive threat owing to poorly secured information system of the firm by the outsourcers (Lacity et. al. , 2001). This explains why manufacturers keep struggling to produce products with lasting relevance before patent monopolistic right is broken.

The vital importance of an information system cannot be over emphasized in any organization. When unguided outsourcing is made to a poorly organized firm with no record of applauding antecedent, the company is endangered in losing its exercise of authority over own security administration. This leads to unauthorized access to company’s information system resulting in serious consequences like breakdown of organizational values, loss of confidentiality, privacy and derangement of internal IT control.

Furthermore, the financial data of the company becomes highly vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters. Unsecured emails for example, can be read by a third part leading to perfect external interruption and increase crime susceptibility. Sooner, the company runs bankrupt due to outsourcing of IS security. References Mylott, Thomas R. (1995). Computer Outsourcing: Managing the Transfer of Information Systems, New Jersey, USA, Prentice Hall. Lacity, Dr. Mary C. ; Dr. Leslie P. Willcocks (2001). Global Information Technology Outsourcing, New York, USA, John Wiley & Sons Inc.