Argumentative Essay

Censorship is the change in the access status of material, made by the goverment authority. It has been used since ancient times. When the people start to be aware of personal rights and freedoms,it is described as a pressure tool. In today’s life, censorship is a toy for despotism. Censorship is like a wall in the people’s lives. Some opponents claim that the censorship is necessary for organizing the society;neverthless it is a wall that restricts the life. The first and important issue in censorship is the Internet censorship that the academics life limited.

The Internet censorship is limitation. It makes the information on the Internet limited. Nowadays,the Internet censorship is common in countries such as Turkey. The Internet censorship is done by the Internet filtering. Some words are filtred on the Internet and when the people write these words,they cannot access. The Internet censorship prevents learning information. Especially,education is impressed. When the students or academics search for information on the Internet,they do not access any information because of the Internet censorship. It provides uneducated society.

In addition to this,there are lots of social network sites which people use for exchancing information. They are impressed by the Internet censorship. People cannot use them. Thus,the Internet censorship limits the life of people badly. The other censorship is censorship in visiual media that causes unconscious society. People are free to say and write whatever they wish, with some carefully defined exceptions. However,? n today’s world government uses media for their favor. When there is bad news about the governments,they prevent the news. People cannot learn the truths. Censorship in visiual media directs people wrongly.

Not only the news about politics but also the news about lots of news are censored in visiual media such as nuclear waste,crime,financial news. As a result,the censorship in visiual media is a trap that prevents to get the facts. Some oppenents claim that the censorship is necessary for organizing the society. They believe that the censorship provides safer life. The Internet censorship can protect children. Visiual media can cause violence and racism. However,they are mistaken. They believe in censorship wrongly. The Internet censorship cannot protect children. Protecting children is a parents’ mission.

Parents should prepare their children for the online world’s risks. There are lots of software programmes for protection. Moreover,unconscious society causes violence and racism. When the people cannot learn the truths,gossiping starts. Besides,violence and racism start to rise. Visiual media should show truths freely because of the peace of society. To sum up,although some people believe that the censorship is necessary for organizing the society,it is a barrier for human life. The censorship cannot save the people from the dark,it brings the dark. The censorship is a wall in the life that makes people poison.