Apple report Review Example

The purpose of this report is to provide information about the company known as Apple Industries. It is also to give the evaluation of the interdependence between the 4 key business functions and how they handle the 4 key business functions in Apple INC.

Apple Inc, previously known as Apple Computer Inc. has is a multinational corporation that creates goods such as consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software and commercial software, and commercial servers, and distributes digital media content. Apples most selling core product lines are iPhone smart phones, iPad tablets, iPo portable media players, and mac computer line.

Founders Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak effectively created apple computer April 1, 1976, with the release of the Apple I, and incorporated the company on january 1977, in Cupertino, California. Since Apple Inc. has gone multinational they have distribution stores all around the world.

Jonathan Ive is a man who takes on the role of being Apple’s Senior Vice President. According to Ive, Apple’s Goals are simple. Apple’s goals are ‘not to make money, but to make good products.’ Marketing

Apple uses the 4 p’s of marketing very well. It has become famous for unique advertisements and promotions, with the continued use of changing slogan lines such as “Think Different” and “Get a Mac”. “Get a mac” was the most interesting yet unique advertisement with Apple releasing a series of twenty-four “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” advertisements as part of their “Get a Mac” campaign.

The campaign officially ended in 2010. The ads, which are directed by Phil Morrison, star actor Justin Long and author and humorist John Hodgman as a Macintosh (Mac) PC and a Windows PC, respectively. Since Apple is a Multinational Corporation, Apple’s Products are available such as the famous iPhone, iPod, Mac’s are all available in the 363 Store’s Place’s worldwide.

Product selection has been a big factor for apple, it is also why they are so successful in their line of business. The reason they know how to engage the customers needs is because they know for any product they create, the creators must want it themselves. The products have to be easy to use and simple but elegant. Evaluation

With Apple’s marketing over the past and present and it’s well shown results in today’s time, it is clear that apple has had successful marketing strategies in order to make their products sell and advertise them. Some proof of this is: 1. Stores generate a staggering $18 billion of revenue per year. 2. Apple sell an average of $93,150 worth of goods everyday. 3. Apple sold 40 million iPhones last year, 110,000 sold every day.

OperationsThe operations in any business is an very important aspect of any business and the interdependency between operations and all the rest of the key business functions. This also includes Apple Inc. One company alone could not possibly create the iPhone or Macs. The iPhone is a global effort. Tens of thousands of people at more than 30 companies on 3 continents work together to make Apple’s first phone possible. Apple, of course, designs the product, and also created the single most important ‘component’ – the software that gives the iPhone its unique personality. The real company that really manufactures the goods is Foxconn Technology Group.

The Foxconn Technology Group is a multinational business group anchored by the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. a Republic of China-registered corporation headquartered in Tucheng, Taiwan. Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of electronics and computer components worldwide, and mainly manufactures on contract to other companies. Among other things, Foxconn produces the Mac mini, the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone for Apple Inc.

However, recently China Business has reported that Apple had to return up to a mind-boggling 8 million iPhones to the Foxconn technolohy group because of quality issues. While it not clear which model of iPhone didn’t come up to scratch, China Business reported that between five and eight million handsets were returned due to appearance of substandard or dysfunctional problems. The total value of the loss to Foxconn could be up to $1.6 Evaluation

Despite the rejection of 8 million iPhone’s, Apple Inc, still is producing satisfactory products, all the while consumers are still happy with all iPhones. Apple Inc. is still making profit despite this setback and still marketing their products without any damage dealt to their successful results.


Finance is what keeps every business going, it is what every other key business function is so interdependent on. Without finance, a business becomes bankrupt. This includes Apple’s financial years. For the third quarter of 2011, Apple reported sales of $26.74 billion and a net profit of $6 billion both quarterly records at the time that the company later eclipsed by the end of its 2011 fiscal year.

Much of that holiday was fueled by sales of the iOS devices. for example, During last year’s holiday season, Apple sold 7.33 million iPads, nearly matching the total number of tablets sold during its entire 2010 fiscal year. Also in two of the four quarters of 2011, Apple reportedly sold a record number of Macs.

Compared to 2013 where apple announced financial results for its third fiscal quarter of 2013 which ran from January April 1, 2013 until June 30. Apple made a revenue of $35.3 billion and net quarterly profit of $6.9 billion. These results compare to revenue of $35 billion and net profit of $8.8 billion, in the year-ago quarter.

Apple reported the following number of shipments for its products during the quarter: 31.2 million iPhones compared to 26 million in the year-ago-quarter 14.6 million iPads compared to 17 million in the year-ago-quarter 3.8 million Macs compared to 4 million in the year-ago quarter 4.5 million iPods compared to 6.7 million in the year-ago quarter.


Comparing 2011 and 2013 quarterly sales and net profits, It can be said that over the last two years, even though Apple’s products became older, their innovation and thinking are still managing to raise their sales and profits. From this it can be concluded that their way of marketing is working positively independently.

Human Resources

Human resources are the most vital asset to any company today. Without proper trained employee’s a business is most likely going to fall. For Apple, in its retail stores, the employee’s are very valuable because if not for them and their friendliness and attitude, consumers would be disappointed in the way that they get treated. Each employee that is apart of Apple has a distinct role to play, understands that role, and does his or her part to deliver the level of service that is expected of the well known brand.

This is how Apple’s human resources at their retail outlets.

1. “know your roles!” Tightly defined roles ensure that your employees knows exactly what he or she is expected to do, what others do and what other roles they could move into. Boldly colored T-shirts that Apple Store employees wear aren’t just for looks; they designate the distinct role each employee plays ie. Techxperts, Visitors, Geniuses.

2. “Free up your leadership” Apple Store employees are expected to be delivering ‘Apple-grade’ customer service. This comes down to manager of the store to maintain the same level of ‘Apple-grade’ customer service day after day. If they are successful, they are doing more than managing the operation; they’re coaching staff, leading training and driving sales.

3. “Make work meaningful” No one appreciates this more than the employees staffing the stores, who are on the front lines of the customer relationship. Apple are hard-pressed to deliver their standard of service in retail unless their employees were satisfied with the level of employeeengagement.

4. “Retain with growth opportunities” Apple prides itself on promoting from within. For the 20 “Experts” with a master’s degree who’s manning the entrance to an Apple store today.

EvaluationWith the management of apple’s employee’s and it’s positive reaction from consumers, it can be said that Apple has managed their employee’s correctly and interdependently posivite.


In conclusion, Apple has become famous thanks to their innovation, Unique marketing technique, Human resource management and excellent operation skills. This can be seen from how much profit they are making each year. Apples 4 key business functions have been properly added to thought when they were deciding how to go about their company’s path. This can be seen from how well each key function supports each other interdependently.