Apple Iphone

Introduction: With the very high demand in the market place for a musical device called the IPod, it’s no surprise that the IPhone, a hybrid of a phone and music device that it will be a big hit in the market place. This highly anticipated electronic trend setter had thousands of people waiting in line at the apple store in New York, and all over the country trying to get their hands on this iPhone.

The IPod combined with a Phone, gives birth to this amazing product which has the following features: a 3.5 inch touch screen (the largest of all smart phones), Wi-Fi connectivity, the most usage time of all smart phones, i.e. talk time, internet use, or video playback, and many more impressive characteristics. The iPhone has, thereby, revolutionized the cell phone industry to become a potential best designed and most admired phone of the decade. Design: The IPhone is a 4.5 by 2.4 inch hand held phone, iPod, web browser.

This tiny product allows users to use the tip of their fingers to effortlessly move between applications and surf the web with no hassles. The IPhone has a glass widescreen that allows the user to touch it, to navigate between a web browser, music, audio books, videos, TV shows, and many other cool features. IPhone enables users to select and listen to voicemail messages in any order, just like email, a feature excluded from all other cell phones. There is no wonder iPhone is known as a mini entertainment system. Strengths: The time was finally right for Apple to further their development of the iPod by integrating it with a multi media device such as a cell phone.

This product is suppose to serve Apples loyal iPod customers with a much better alternative phone compared to the phone they are using now. As Apple is paving a way for better and newer technology, this gives the people worldwide a way to become more independent and individualistic, which demands for items that complement that flexible lifestyle that we all have. Without saying, the iPhone does no less of a job than any of the smart phones out in the market. More importantly, Apple has re-demonstrated to the world that their logo represents innovation and reliability. The advantages of having a big brand name means that people know your product, and believe in it.

What Apple has over small companies and startup companies is a financial leverage over them. Instead of mass advertisement, apple can feed more of its money into R & D which can allow them to fuel the economy with new innovating idea’s and products. Strengths: 1) Brand name- Highly recognized name from previous products like Apple computers and iPod & iTunes. Known for offering multi-functional, reliable and cutting edge products- that is design capabilities of products. 2) Capital- profits from its long established operations give iPhone financial leverage or R & D Startup Company’s lack.

Weaknesses: Like almost all products, the iPhone is not entirely flawless. Its major weakness is its limited channels of distribution. Unlike the IPod, which are sold through many retailers, the iPhone canonly be sold in AT&T stores, T-mobile, and Apple stores. Although AT&T is the largest phone service provider in the United States, they only currently serve 58 million out of 2.14 billion cell phone subscribers. Besides for their poor channels of distribution, the iPhone lacks some features found in other phones. To begin its camera only has 2 Mega pixels, which is not a high standard in terms of offering clear and vivid images.

The LG dare offers a 5 Mega pixel camera and many other phones in the same price range offer about 3.5 mega pixels or higher. Secondly, it’s overall size and weight is relatively larger and heavier than other cell phones, although it’s the thinnest smart phone, about .46” it weighs 4.8 ounces, far greater than the average cell phone which are about 3.5 ounces. Lastly, and maybe the biggest problem is the battery; for people are in an emergency, it takes a very long time to charge and can get used up rather quick. The iPhone ma easily lose its appeal when people discover it requires more time hibernating while charging then one can spend using it.

1) Channels of Distribution – Consumers are limited to buying the iPhone at selected AT&T and Apple stores only or at either of these two company websites (and have to be AT*T service customer). 2) Compromises or lacks some features found in other phones- Camera only 2 mega pixels, not high standard in terms of image quality Size/Weight a heavy for a phone and although thinnest smart phone, it is not so small for its market Battery takes very long to charge, can get used up fast Opportunities: Being that Generation X and Y dominate the purchasing shares of today’s consumers the iPhone can easily excite a large number of consumers.

Once everyone is convinced that the iPhone is the “it” phone to have, consumers will quickly realize that a cell phone isn’t really a cell phone until it has all the features a iPhone has, which in turn will force other companies to re-develop their phones, and in the mean time, while they are re-developing, apple has the chance to take a even further lead in the market and develop something new all together. 1) Brand name + patent on iPod + Technology savvy and oriented society = Sales 2) Brand name + Technology savvy society + entertainment filled & oriented society = sales and easy to attract customers Threats:

The biggest threat Apple has to face is the lack of sales from the iPhone because of its limited retail places. Since the only two service providers are AT&T, and T-mobile, it will be costly for customers of other cell phone users to switch over. Most consumers will wait out their 1-3 year contract with their current provider, and in the mean time, this will allow them to have a replicated version of their own iPhone. The iPhone market growth is severely hurt by its limited accessibility to customers all around. Phones that are currently in the market or in development right now that can serve a threat to the iPhone are the following: LG-Dare, Samsung Gylde, and the LG voyager.

Apples Employment practices: Working for Apple inc. is such a great honor for many. For such a big corporation with a growing product line such as the iPods, ibooks, and their famous iPhone, they offer all their employees flexible working schedules, Stock purchases, a computer at home, 401k plan, and for the people who are looking to go back to school to further their education, apple inc. has a Financial education department where they help their long time workers to reach their desired goals. The following data shows Apple Inc. median salary job by category {draw:frame}

Their employment practices are actually quite completive with their rival, Microsoft. Most employees are entitled to a certain amount of bonus, for new employees, the median bonus are around $2,000 typically, this figure increases over time to about $6000 for those with more than 20 years experience. Apple was voted one of the best for popular benefits, which includes a 401k plan, paid vacations and sick leave, and a stock purchase plan.

*Median salary by year’s* experience: {draw:frame} Organizational Structure: The company demonstrates a formal organizational structure. The company is divided up into operating segments that comprises in the Americas, Europe, Japan, and retail. The company exhibits a territorial departmentalization by managing its business primarily on a geographic basis (Reuters).

Although the company is departmentalized geographically, Apple believes sales of its innovative and differentiated products are enhanced by knowledgeable salespersons who can convey the value of the hardware, software, and peripheral integration. The company is structured by the board of directors, CEO, and the senior management. It is structured to be a working place for certain actions and effective decision making. Performance measure:

Applies performance measure is very reflective on its mission and strategy. The emphasis on innovation and paving the way for the technology of the future is reflected in the kinds of product that apples people are coming up with. The flexibility of their working nature also allows employees to be realized sooner. Products like the iPhone, which changed music, cell phone use, and web browsing use, revolutionize the cell phone industry as we know it. With their performance of the iPhone, they will acquire a high level of customer loyally for a very long time. Research in motion Employee practices:

Back in 2002, RIM merged with Jefferson’s Pilot Financial to enhance their employee benefits. RIM offers plenty of jobs, such as Engineering, Marketing, Corporate, information technology, Manufacturing, and Technical supple. They have an amazing job program which helps people who are still in school with internships to help jumpstart their career and plenty of job opportunities for new graduates also. RIM offers many incentives and benefit programs which compensates their employees for the great work that they are doing. Unlike other companies, RIM offers the following benefits to their workers:

Employee Assistance Plan which provides confidential short-term counseling, referrals and information on a variety of issues (i.e. personal well being, parenting, financial issues, work issues, legal issues, bereavement/grief, addiction and recovery, and other topics). * RIM offers a gym/fitness center membership subsidy for all full-time employees. Worldwide Travel and Medical Emergency Assistance Program (Global Travel Program). The Global Travel Program is provided to all full-time RIM employees for both business and personal travel and their eligible dependents for pleasure travel only.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the assistance provided includes: immunization recommendations, local medical clinics, on-line country guides, medical referrals, foreign language assistance and legal assistance. In addition to those, each employee is given a Blackberry device, training and development, to promote employees personal and professional development so they stay current with the newest and latest technology on the market. Working for RIM is a place where many people have fun, and many times during the year, they offer holiday parties, summer picnics, team building sessions, and employee giveaways. Organizational Structure:

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