Apple Incorporated

Apple Computer, Inc. is one of the most popular hardware and software companies in the world today. It is also the most innovative and competitive corporation in the technology industry. The Apple Corporation created mainly technological products that are available in the market these days. The company is famous for its technology and high quality innovations. Besides the current fame of the Apple Computer, Inc., like any other technology companies, it continuously experiences instability and uncertainty.

Apple Corporation undergoes certain stages where it sees its strengths and weakness as wells as evaluates possible opportunities and threats to the company in maintaining and acquiring the status it currently has. The Apple Corporation has its strengths that set it apart from the rest. This company has made its own way on creating its name in the technology industry competing with IBM, Microsoft Corporation and other technology-based companies. Through the innovations done by the creative and talented minds in their company, the most sought after technological products today came from the Apple Computer, Inc.

The Apple Corporation is the creator and maker of the widely known technological products like iPod, iPhone and Apple laptop. These creations have attracted most people specially those who are technically oriented. Besides the products technical purposes, those are as well entertaining and useful to the people. The company has significantly viewed and emphasized the basic needs of its consumers. Apple Corporation has developed and manufactured inventions that are certainly appealing to its customers.

The company was able to attract the attention of the people and has encouraged them to buy their products. Apple Computer, Inc. was able to expand its supporters through their innovations and their marketability. It has enormously raised the perspective of the people regarding technology. They have made technology useful and entertaining to the lives of the people. The Apple Corporation, despite its ups and downs, has managed to regain its success more than what it had before. Apple Computer, Inc. has its weakness that greatly affects the business and its consumers.

There was the time that the management of the company was not successful in handling the business. The management is basically one of the most important aspects in a business. Despite the products that the company offers, the management is responsible for establishing a competitive environment for everyone. At that time, the management of the Apple Corporation was not able to come up with more appropriate solutions like merging with other companies that produces printers, scanners, portable digital assistants and other peripherals.

Like what Steve Jobs did when he came back to the company, the business has to focus on its specialty, which are sole hardware and software products. The company should consider its main focus and not merely involving other things in the central idea of the business. Managing to acquire best results for the company is attainable if the objectives and the purpose of the business are determined. Unlike what happened to the Apple Corporation in its earlier times, the business should have focused on its main product which is the hardware and the software.

The company should not just produce or involve in other products that are not mainly the specialty of the business since it may endanger the stability of the company and its consumers. Understanding the weakness of the company enables it to distinguish the best solutions that are appropriate for the corporation. Apple is an emerging technology company which has sold millions of computers and other technological products in the market. Apple designed their products by adding new innovative technology and features in the apple products. It also sets apple apart from the competition in the business world.

The product quality and recent customer satisfaction results are comparatively high than other computer companies like Hp, dell, Sony etc. iPod, iPhone and iPad have been the major forces in the music and smartphone industry. It also has an articulation agreement with other music communications industry like iheart radio, napster, and rhapsody. The iPhone features which attract all users about their products are the application installed on the devices. I disagree with the fact that android will take over the sales of apple computers. Unless Android enters in to the computer devices and computer products market; would be most likely not possible for them to compete apple.

Android Smartphone Company has its new features which establish a great learning experience for Android users than using apple iPhone. In this Business world, Consumers want a new innovative technology which has not been seen in the market. Ease of access, faster reliability, and better resources have just been all industries major attributes to attract all customers. The Apple Corporation sees opportunities in the current technology industry today. Since people now are in a fast pace living, the company sees the other needs of its consumers unlike what are offered by its competitors.

The Apple Corporation constantly updates its creations and considers again the next best innovation into its products to maintain its current status. The business views certain aspects that are not available and offered by the other similar products that are offered today. Apple Corporation views the incapacity of its competitors for not being able to maximize the possibilities of offering the best products to the consumers through incorporating technology and entertainment. The company sees the need of its consumers for computer even away from their houses as well as in their leisure time.

These are the opportunities that Apple Corporation views in their current standing today. Apple Computer, Inc. may possibly meet certain threats to its organization. Since technology continuously changes and evolves, there are possibilities that other companies may create new software and hardware that may become more appealing and useful to its consumers. Furthermore, the emerging technology viruses and other threatening applications to the current products of the Apple Corporation may be met by the company.

There is also the possibility that other companies may create and invent all new innovations that might exceed the unique characteristics of the products of the company. Besides the risks to the products of the company, the instability of the management and the uncompetitive attitudes of the people in the company may endanger the business. It may greatly affect the corporation if there is mismanagement and doubtful administration within the company. These threats are likely to be experienced by the company sooner or later which might greatly affect the company.

For me, the Apple Corporation is significantly the most sought after Business Company today due to its foundation. Besides their unique and quality technological products, their history generated the best creations that they offer today. The experiences and the changes that it went through before, has molded its stability and its intensity to create a way for their success. Through the assessment of the internal and external issues in the company greatly supports the stability and competency of the business.

It is important that companies like the Apple Corporation should be able to distinguish its strengths and weakness as well as act on possible opportunities and threats to the company. Through these assessment and analysis, the success and permanence of the corporation is ensured thus allowing its growth and competence in the industry.