Apple Business Mode

After the gone of the founder, MrSteve Jobs, in the Oct 5 2011, the company’s innovations has been stalled. Almost there has been none of exciting products coming from Apple that revolutionize consumer behaviour, they have just been producing little more tweaks to existing iPhone and Ipad.

Furthermore, the competition from Android as well as Samsung and especially big giant Google, another telephone-producing companies, as well as the potential saturation of the high end smartphone market put the whole pressure on the shoulders of Apple. In a nutshell, if the company just keeping a low pace like this one, they may face a slow growth rate, no sooner or later will lead the company into a crisis.

2. Employees’ brain drain.

Even though the world can not deny after the death of Steve Job, Tim Cook, the one who followed the footstep to become Ceo of Apple did a great job of running the company, all thanks to his logistics experience.He was a capable leader and said to be respected by the rest of the executive team. However, it’s still not enough, as maybe he is not charisma as well as personal magnetism enough to push & keep top talents around, the way Jobs has done. On the other hands, some members of the boards, now is even richer than Tim Cook, if they no longer love working at Apple, starts wandering away to search for more impossible challenges.

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