Appeal and Academic Skills Lab

Academic Appeal Letter Guidelines for Suspensions and Course Retakes There are 2 steps to the Academic Appeal Process: 1. Appeal Letter (suspension and/or 3x retake) 2. Academic Success Plan An appeal letter to be reinstated after academic suspension or to take a course for the third time must be prepared and submitted to the Academic Qualifications Committee. It is important that you understand the serious nature of your appeal. Poor academic performance after returning from suspension or failing any course three times may lead to permanent dismissal from the University.

In addition to the appeal letter, the Academic Success Plan needs to be completed by meeting with Danielle McClure. Danielle is located in the 500 Building Academic Skills Lab and her phone number is 419. 998. 3157. Your appeal will not be sent for review until both steps are completed. Allow sufficient time for your appeal to be processed. It is highly recommended to have your appeal submitted no later than two weeks before the start of the term for which you are appealing.

Appeals submitted too late will require the student to wait until the next term to be scheduled. An appeal letter for suspension or third-time course retake should be written at a college level. Please include the following elements and explanations: • Include a subject line in your letter to distinguish it from Financial Aid appeal letters. “Subject: Academic Appeal Letter” • The low grades that contributed to your suspension and/or the course(s) that you have failed two times.

• You must specifically state the name of the course in your appeal letter if you are appealing to retake one or more courses for the third time (Ex: UN100-First Year Experience, etc. ). • Events in your life that contributed to the grades. • Adjustments you will make if you are permitted to return and/or retake the course for a third time. • Details on how you will adjust your priorities, including specific steps you will take that will improve your academic success, if your appeal is approved. • Why you want to attend the University.

Actions you plan on taking to improve your academic performance may include: • Retaking courses with F’s to improve your cumulative GPA • Getting a tutor, if necessary • Seeing your counselor (required for students on probation and special stipulations) • Using the resources in the Academic Skills Lab (required for students on probation and special stipulations) • Reducing work hours • Changing to a later time preference if morning classes cause tardiness (for students in the College of Technologies).

• Creating a proper environment for studying at home or in the dorm/apartment • Other reasonable actions that will increase your focus on academic performance *Please remember that your appeal letter will play a significant role in the Academic Committee’s decision-making process. Do your best to communicate your information in an appropriate, grammatically correct format. If you would like assistance preparing this letter, you may contact your counselor or Danielle McClure in the Academic Skills Lab.

Submit the letter to: Mr. Loren Korzan, Director of Advising by emailing it to [email protected] edu or by delivering it to the Advising Office in the 200 Building. It will then be evaluated by the Academic Qualifications Committee. Once a decision is made, you will receive a letter with the decision and, if approved, the requirements and conditions of the approval. Revised March 2011.