Anti-WTO Protest

This study has revealed that there are pragmatic approaches that WTO can use to deliver on its roles and activities especially to the benefit of the Global South intended development. First, WTO members must ensure that liberalization process moves from policy papers to reality. Market access must move from idea to practice. WTO must also realize that it has more than enough proposals about how the Global South can be assisted towards development and what is lacking is concrete action.

WTO leadership should now vacate the political barriers and promote true economic and social agendas that will uplift the standards of living in the Global South nations. WTO is aware that agriculture and services are the active income generating activities of the Global South countries and should prioritize policies that tend in that direction. WTO must follow up the Doha Round with specific time frames so that the member nations can feel the effect on the negotiations on the ground.

The negotiation of policies that are targeting the Global South must never loose sight of the barriers good policies for the development of the member nation citizens. The richer nations should be willing to give up just a little of their market access so that the poorer nations can be uplifted. The richer Global North should also be willing to share part of the losses accrued by the LDC due to their policies that are under improvement. This should not be interpreted that the LCD in the Global South are allowed to be irresponsible economically and socially, but as a positive step towards public good.

The Aid for Trade study validates support of aid to boost export. Thus aid has a direct effect on the growth of any Global South nation within the WTO. This has been proved from the literature and from the empirical studies themselves. This will promote the much yearned for development by the member states. The Via Campesina, made up of rural women, small scale farmers and other groups of agriculturist are undoubtedly the best test for the effectiveness of the WTO in the Global South. This global movement covered the global south in the regions of South Asia, South America, and parts of Europe.

This movement with over 100 farmers’ organization has been giving WTO rather hard time for its alleged interference in agriculture causing huge problems. In most of their international meetings, The Via Campesina considers the WTO a failed body that should first move out of agricultural policies then get disbanded. Indeed WTO has failed in the role and activities in the Global South, no wonder there is so much agrarian activisms whenever they hold their international meetings. Research Proposal

This study make a proposal to establish status of WTO as far as the literature gaps are concerned as stated in the definition of the study problem.


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