Anti-Defamation League

Sappenfield’s (2007) article also discussed that the Taliban left tribal roots for Al Qaeda tactics. It told about the suicide bombings and kidnappings – aggressive tactics that are distinctively Al Qaeda’s. In the article, the author mentioned that the Taliban killed two South Korean hostages and was still holding 21 others. These actions, Sappenfield said, suggested that the Taliban is becoming a branch of Al Qaeda. The kidnappings were done to spread fear among the Afghanistan’s international coalition.

The al Qaeda has been at the forefront of the many terror acts around the world. Terrorist attacks have been made towards the United States. It started when al Qaeda targeted U. S. troops in Yemen in 1992, although it failed. The organization’s terrorist attacks include a boat attack on the U. S. S. Cole, which led to 56 fatalities (Zalman, 2007), embassy bombings, train bombings on March 2004 in Madrid (Anti-Defamation League, 2007), and even airplanes and movie theaters bombings in the Philippines. There were also rumors about the al Qaeda’s involvement on the attacks against the U.

S. Consulate in Pakistan, and another one in Bali (“Al Qaeda,” n. d. ). Though it wasn’t proven and there were no supportive evidence yet, al Qaeda was suspected of the Oklahoma City bombing. It was also linked with the terror and war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their notable attacks include the August 1998 attack on the U. S. embassies in Dares Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. Considering the fact that the organization can execute two attacks at the same time in two different countries showed the power and strength of its capabilities.

The most notable attacks of al Qaeda were the suicide attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The attacks killed more than 3,000 people. The Al Qaeda was also responsible for the bombings in London on July 2005. Hayes and Brunner (2007) provided a list of the attacks inspired by or suspected of Al Qaeda. It showed that in 1993, the World trade Center was bombed, with six recorded casualties. A few months later that same year, American soldiers were killed in Somalia. In 1994, investigations revealed that the bombing in WTC was just a small part of a plan of attacking the CIA headquarters.

Two years later, 19 American servicemen were killed, and hundreds were injured when a truck bomb exploded in Saudi Arabia. In 1999, suspected Algerians were arrested before they can bomb the millennium celebrations in Seattle. As was mentioned above, the U. S. S. Cole was bombed in 2000 in Yemen, which killed 17 U. S. sailors. Then the Al Qaeda attacked the WTC and Pentagon in 2001. In 2002, explosion in Tunisia killed German tourists. A car exploded in Pakistan in 2002. Fourteen were killed, including French citizens.

A month later, a bomb exploded which killed 12. There were also bombings in nightclubs in Bali, Indonesia, resulting to 202 deaths. Most of them were Australian. That same year, a suicide attack in Kenya killed 16 people. In 2003, there was a suicide bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which killed 34. There were also four bombings in Morocco and suicide car bombing in Indonesia. Another attack in Saudi Arabia has killed 17. In November 2003, suicide car bombings in Istanbul, Turkey killed 25 and injured hundreds.

A week later a British bank in Turkey was attacked. In 2004, 202 were killed and 1,400 were wounded from the simultaneous explosion of ten terrorist bombs in Madrid, Spain. In Saudi Arabia, a Saudi oil company was attacked by terrorists. Twenty-two were dead. An American was also killed in Saudi Arabia in 2004. In December the same year, militants, alleged of being connected to Al Qaeda, went to the U. S. consulate in Saudi Arabia and killed five employees. In 2005, train bombings occurred in London, resulting to 52 deaths.

Suicide bombs in Indonesia killed 22 in the same year. Fifty-seven people were also killed in Jordan in 2005. The start of the year 2006 witnessed two bombers in Baghdad. They blew themselves up, killing almost 20 police officers. In August 2006, 24 Muslims, who were suspected of planning to blow up planes, were arrested. In April this year, 35 were killed and more were wounded when a government building was attacked in Algiers. The following day, eight people died when a suicide bomber attacked a building in Baghdad.