Answer for Case Study

How can Second Life provide value to businesses that use it? Answer:There are some main values that Second Life can bring to businesses that use it is: Firstly, firms can use Second Life to advertise and marketing their brands for millions of users of Second Life. Especially, this is a very good way for small and new businesses when they want to built up their brands because using Second Life or other virtual world can reduce the cost of advertising and easier to attend the potential customers.

Secondly, global companies or international institutions can use Second Life such as a distance communication technology for the recruitment new staffs, training employees, teaching students. These will reduce the cost of travel, recruitment, etc.. for those businesses. Finally, in building industry, businesses also can use Second Life as a tool to provide their customers a preview of their product before constructing. It could help that firm satisfy the expectation of their customers with minimum expense on correction. Question 2: What kinds of businesses are most likely to benefit from a presence on Second Life? Answer:

From the article, we can clearly see that some kinds of businesses below are mostly benefit from a presence on Second Life: – Businesses in the advertising and media industries, this because those firms are normally close to the modest technologies like Second Life, and it will help those firm to attend their potential customers. – High technology firms such as IBM, DELL, HP also can easily get benefit from a presence on Second Life because they can recruit good staffs and create a friendly environment for their employees to work in collaboration with others.

– Global firms, international institutions also are mostly benefit from a presence on Second Life because they can use it as a distance communication tool in order to reduce cost of travel, as well as get more customers or students from all around the world. Question 3:

*) Create a modest start-up business on the Grid:- I have to buy a private space for my business in Second Life, I have decided to buy the land in the advertiser on Sunday 17/10/2010 as below: Islands are priced at US$1,675 for 65,536 square meters (about 16 acres). Monthly land fees for maintenance are US$295. We offer a 50% discount to verified real world educators and academic institutions (e.g., universities/schools) ( – After having the land and choosing its topology, I will set up my own business with the main products are handicraft products from our country, Viet Nam.

– I have decided to choose those products because many foreign people like it when they come to Viet Nam. Besides, when I went overseas, I found out that it is also very to sell in other countries with a very good price. In my plan, I will form some class to teach people who want to discover and make some handicraft goods by themselves for only about USD 8 per hour. I believe that it will be successful. Question 4: Visit eBay on the Web and see about Second Life I have tried eBay at 5pm Sunday, 17/10/2010, and see lots of stuffs for sale like:

Second Life Linden linen for sale $19.99, Second Life Land for sale, .etc. It is very exciting about these items, many people consider for the price of those items. Besides, huge items are for sale as well as lots of items are needed to buy. I am surprise about what see because I have not play any online game or buy anything in the virtual world before.