Anne Frank History

Germanys defeat in 1918 lead to rise of Adolf Hitler in 1941 who started WW2. This war lasted till 1945 and brought a great deal of pain and misery to many. Over 6 million Jewish people were horrifically murdered during the Nazi Holocaust. Many Jews were forced to leave there country or go into hiding, otherwise it would eventually mean the end of their lives. This paper will examine the Frank Family’s attempt to hide for SS persecution in Amsterdam, Holland. An analysis will be made of the following: the SS and Gestapo enter Holland, the Frank family and friends go into hiding, the capture of the Franks and friends and the end results.

The SS and the Gestapo initiate a plan in 1940 that will result in the inevitable arrest of all of the Jews in Holland. The first step is the setting up of the registration process. This forced all of the Jews to be fingerprinted, have mug shots taken as well as fill out detailed information forms. Next all radios were taken away from them to prevent the Jews from receiving outside information. They were also prohibited from riding bicycles or streetcars. Finally a law was made which prevented any Jews from going to public places. They could no longer go to restaurants, cinemas, parks and libraries.

The Gestapo and the SS now knew exactly where the Jews in Holland would be ; the arrests and deportations would begin. The SS and Gestapo began taking Jews to concentration camps to be killed. With this as their motivation, the Frank family decide to go into hiding. It all started when Otto Frank, the father, received a letter that stated that he send his daughter Margot to the labour camp. Otto decides to put Margot into hiding. Otto was prepared for a situation like this so he constructed a room at the top level of his office for survival.

To ensure no one would find the room he disguised the door as a bookcase. This is the location Otto sends Margot to hide from the Nazi. Although it wasn’t long before he decided that the entire family would need to go into hiding. Otto asks Mr. Kraler and Mr. Kophius to run his business while he is in hiding. He also asks miep to assist his family while they are hiding away and she gladly agrees. Mieps role was to help with the business and provide food for the Frank family.

She is introduced to a butcher by Mr. Von Dean who is secretly helping the Jews by supplying them with more meat. She is aided by Jan, her future husband and Elle, and old friend. The Frank family along with their friends the Van Deans and there dentist doctor dussell all go into hiding. A long period of time had passed and the Franks were so far successful in hiding until somehow they were eventually caught. The first unusual thing that happened was a break in at the office. It was believed to be a Dutch citizen searching for Jews to find in order to receive a reward, but they were unsuccessful.

The SS and Gestapo appeared at the office and demanded for the Jews that were hiding upstairs, somehow they had already known. They question Mr. Kraler, Mr. Kophius and Miep. Later on they discovered the bookcase and arrested the Franks, the Van Deans, and the Dentist, along with Mr. Kraler and Mr. Kophius. Miep however was not arrested due to her Dutch background. There are many theories as to how they got caught. One theory is the fact the fellow butcher at the butcher store, who was not fond of the idea of helping Jews, found out about them somehow through the friendly butcher and reported them to the Gestapo.

A 2nd theory is when the Gestapo had an earlier visit with Miep in the office while she had groceries in her hand, which indicated that there was a possibility she was retrieving it for the Jews. A final theory is the one as how doctor Dussell approached the office. He looked terrified and was waving his head in all directions looking suspicious and right before he entered the building he looked up which can clearly tell someone that something is going on at the top of the building. No one knows the actual reason as to how they got caught.

All that remains are theories, the butcher, the groceries, the dentists movements and many more. None really matter for in the end the outcome was the same, the franks and their friends got caught. When they were all caught they eventually all died with the exception of Otto. Margot and her sister Anne Both died at the Bergen-Belson concentration camp of typhus. Anne was only 15 years old at the time and had so much of life to look forward to but it was cut short, and Margot died at the age of 19. Edith, Otto’s wife, died in the infirmary The Von Deans where both killed by the gas chambers and Doctor Dussells fate was unknown.

No matter how long all of them were able to survive the ended up being captured and killed. When Otto received the letters stating that his daughters had died of typhus, he was devastated. It was then that Miep gave Otto Anne’s dairies she had wrote in while she was in hiding. Otto published them into a book so that everyone could know the damage of the Holocaust. The Dairies were later preserved in museums, which is where they reside the present day as proof that the Holocaust and all of its horror did occur.