Anne Frank Review Example

Anne Frank was just my age when she went through a tremendous amount of things that had to do with the Nazis. In the article “Anne Frank,” it gives a biography on the life of a girl who had to sacrifice her life and go into hiding with her family, and family friends. Anne Frank was born on June 29, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank and an older sister named, Magrot. The article starts off with explaining where Anne lived when she was just a little girl. She lived in two houses.

Both of the houses were in houses were in neighborhoods populated by the Jewish. By the time Anne just turned four, Adolf Hitler had taken power. He started enacting laws against the jews, limiting their freedom, and started taking all their businesses from them (Hope 2). The Franks became very alarmed about what was going on and decided to move to the Netherlands and start a new business in Amsterdam. In 1940 Germany invaded the Netherlands. Almost right after, policies discriminating against Jews became present. The Jews’ papers were marked so they could be easily identified as a jew.

The article explains that “Jews had to attach stars visibly to their clothing and were banned from using public transportation or even bicycles. Jewish children were no longer allowed to attend schools with Christian children” (Hope 2). Everything started falling apart from there. More into the article, it starts going into depth about the Franks starting to go into hiding. When they realized how bad the situation with the Jews was getting, they went into hiding and moved in an annex where Otto Franks business was. Some caring workers made sure the family had food, and other needed items (Hope 2).

The workers were not Jewish, they were German so they were free to do whatever they wanted. If they got caught helping the Franks, they would be in tremendous amount of trouble. There was also another family that joined them in hiding. They were the Van Pels Family. Hermann and Auguste were friends of the Franks and they had a fifteen year old son. Anne kept a diary and wrote in it throughout the whole time in hiding. The diary documents the lifestyle of living in a crammed space for more than two years, conflicts and disagreements between the eight people living together, and extremely aggravating living conditions.

Before the two families were caught, the last entry date of Anne’s diary was August 4, 1944. In the evening of August 4, officers and several security police went to the building. They arrested the two families and they were jailed in Amsterdam, then sent to a camp names Westerbork, then from there sent to Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. The eight of them were split up. Anne and Magrot were sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany in late October, 1944 (Hope 3). Both girls died of typhus, as well as thousands of other prisoners. The camp was liberated only weeks after Anne’s death.

Anne was 15 years old when she died. Only Otto Frank survived the war and after the war he did everything in his power and spent the rest of his life making sure Anne’s diary was published and read by many people. Anne’s diary has made her the best well known Jewish victim of the time of the Nazis. The article “Anne Frank” is a credible source because its very believable and trustworthy. The author of the article did a lot of research and gathered up everything she has learned about Anne Frank and brought it this one article filled with tons of information on her life. There is no sense of bias in this article.

The author, Joan Hope, does and amazing job with strictly telling the story of what was going on at the time rather than bashing one side of the story. I would consider this article a secondary source because its coming from a person who researched all of this information. If this was a primary source, I would like it to have been written by someone that was there at the time or someone who knows everything about it.

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