Animal Cruelty in Food Industries

Each year, more than 58 billion cows, pigs, chickens, and other innocent, sentient animals are caged, crowded, deprived, drugged, mutilated, and manhandled in the world’s factory farms and slaughterhouses states the Farm Animal Rights Movement. The United States does about 10 billion animals, alone. I am not saying that we should all put down that juicy cheese burger and all go vegan, but we should take into consideration the animals that suffer to feed our cravings. According to the investigations done by F. A. R.

M; Many animals, alive and conscious, are skinned, dismembered, gutted, scalded, and drowned in their own blood. This is a very disturbing fact that many people don’t know or even think about when they think of meat. I sure don’t when I’m ordering that pulled pork sandwich. Yet it’s something that we do need to think about because if it wasn’t for us these animals wouldn’t be suffering. They can’t just say that this is wrong and take action. Someone has to give them a voice. Yes we love meat, but do we have to make the animal suffer to get it?

At what cost will we go through just to keep the production of meat successful for the people who supply it? The multi-billion dollar food industry disregards the animals it profits on and hides from the consumer how the animals are really being treated. These animals have experience sorrow, pain and happiness. They deserve to have a pain free life just as we do . The vast majority of animals raised for food are raised on factory farms, where animals are confined in high density lots without adequate sunlight, room to move around, or prevention of disease and infection.

One thing that these factory farms do very well is not letting anything go to waste. If you’re a dairy cow, know for sure that after your done being pumped of hormones and your milk production slumps, you’re going straight to the slaughter house. If you’re a chicken you forced to live in cages the size of a rolled up newspaper and fed till you gain so much weight that it cripples you. Being a baby doesn’t make it any easier; veal is one of the most controversial meats around. Caves are separated from their mothers at birth

and chained for 16 weeks in some wooden crates. There are deprived of any of their natural food and are not allowed to get fresh air or exercise. This is all so that there meat stays delicate and tender. Breeding pigs are kept pregnant for three years in cage enclosures so small the they cannot even turn around. When they do have birth there piglets are torn from them so the she can get impregnated again. There are also a lot of ways that these industries make people think that there meat is “grown humane” by saying that there product is “cage-free” or “hormone-free”.

They still leave out the part how the animals are treated, the amount of space they are given, or their access to the outdoors. This is the life of animals raised in factory farms. A short life but a horrible one but just when they think it can’t get any worst they are shipped off to slaughterhouses. Animals have to suffer horrible conditions before they even reach the slaughterhouses. They are forced to squeeze into a truck with no food, water, or room to rest and these trips last sometimes days.

There forced to endure the roughest of weather, many collapse because of the hot or freeze to the sides of the truck in cold weather. If they do stick to the sides they our stuck there until the workers pry they away with crowbars. As soon as they finally make it to these slaughter houses, the ones that are healthy enough to walk are then forced to cooperate but if they are too frightened to they are beaten and shocked with electric prods. For the ones that aren’t healthy to to walk are tied up with chains and dragged off the truck. This statement was by Dr.

Lester Friedlander a former U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) veterinary inspector, “In the summertime, when it’s 90, 95 degrees, they’re transporting cattle from 1,200 to 1,500 miles away on a trailer, 40 to 45 head crammed in there …. [In the winter], can you imagine if you were in the back of a trailer that’s open and the windchill factor is minus 50 degrees, and that trailer is going 50 to 60 miles an hour? The animals are urinating and defecating right in the trailers, and after a while, it’s going to freeze, and their hooves are right in it.

If they go down—well, you can imagine lying in there for 10 hours on a trip. ” We have this news, yet this is still happening. Do these animals really deserve to be treated this way? Is it that hard to make sure the animal is ok before we slaughter them for food? If this is the horrible treatment they get before they reach the slaughterhouse, imagine what it must be like in one. Ramon Moreno, a longtime slaughterhouse worker, told The Washington Post that he frequently has to cut the legs off completely conscious cows. “They blink. They make noises,” he says.

“The head moves, the eyes are wide and looking around. … They die piece by piece. ” Yes most of the animals are still alive as they slaughter them. They are hopeless, as the machines tear away at their bodies. Workers have come out and told about the disturbing abuse and claim that the animals are still alive after their throats are slashed open and the line won’t stop simply because one animal is still alive. P. E. T. A states that, “According to one slaughterhouse worker, “There’s no way these animals can bleed out in the few minutes it takes to get up the ramp.

By the time they hit the scalding tank, they’re still fully conscious and squealing. Happens all the time. ” Many workers of these slaughterhouses aren’t allowed to come out and report these things at the risk of termination. These factories thrive on making everything as cheap and effective as possible. This means hiring cheap workers, usually immigrants, who need their jobs more than anything. The factories get money of how many animals they slaughter so why would they care how the slaughtering takes place? These animals don’t have a chance from the second there born they are already classified as meat.

They don’t have a chance to live a normal if before they are killed. Yet we all need these animals for our diet. Factory farms animals have it bad but imagine how fast food industries treat their animals. A industry that only care about the cost and time and not the quality of the meat. Fast food industries make their profit of selling cheap food and getting it for a cheap price. This cheap price is made possible by having their food supply in the worst conditions possible. There chickens are held there whole life in filthy wire cages where they can’t spread they can’t even spread their wings or walk.

They are forced to eat a continuous circulation of their own feces mixed with a little bit of protein to get them nice and fat. Plus being plumped full of hormones to make they’re meat actually have flavor since they are not being fed a proper diet. Then they have their beaks cut off without any pain killers and shoved in to bags to suffocate or being held by their throats and slammed against the wired cages. One of the most horrifying examples is the slaughtering of the cows in the packing plants. The cows line up to have their throats cut with a swift knife, but there is a lot of mistakes that happens with this.

Cows have slipped up and have gotten their head caught in the machinery. When this happens the cow is just pushed back in to line with all its injuries and waits to get its turn to be killed. Is this really necessary? How can we let this go on and not feel the need to do anything about it? These animals deserve to have a painless life until the time comes for them to be put down peacefully. Researchers have proven that the animals stress can affect the meat of the animals, yet we still choose to treat these animals as if they’re not living things.

“Many say why should we care about they’re animals if they’re just going to be food anyways? ” Yes this is true they are going to be food but that doesn’t mean that these animals don’t have feelings. They are living things that experience fear, sorrow and happiness. There is plenty of research to prove this. The Brisbane News Group states that, “researcher John Webster and his colleagues at Britain’s Bristol University have found that cows and other farm animals have the capacity to experience fear, sorrow and happiness and can even respond to intellectual challenges.

” These animals are not just emotionless creatures that feed on pastures and reproduce. We as humans avoid inflicting pain on other humans because we know of their emotions but we should also know that were not the only ones that have these feeling. Research has proven that they have many emotions that relate to human emotions, yet we still choose to ignore them because it more cost efficient that way. If you don’t care about the animals feeling than you should care about what you eat.

When animals are stressed it effects the meat, when a animal is beaten it effects the meat, when a animals is fed a unhealthy diet it effects the meat. So why do we still not care enough for this kind of treat end? We have a voice unlike the animals do, so we should start using it and make this type of treatment vanish. We kill billions of animals a year for one purpose, their meat. Most humans love meat, me included, and won’t stop eating it but we can do something to stop the horrible treatment these animals are put through.

Animals living in close, dark, dirty, living spaces that are not where they are meant to be. Not only is this treatment horrible on a humane standpoint but it also can be very unhealthy to eat. These animals don’t need to be tortured or treated like they aren’t living things. They have feelings and they have brains just like us. They think of their actions and they care for their young, just like we do. These animals desire to at least have room to walk around and have some sort of a natural environment in there short life.

They feed our world but yet we treat them like they’re nothing. The workers of these factories are the ones that are letting this happen out of the fear of losing their jobs. The animals not only get mistreated when at the slaughterhouse but our being mistreated there whole life. This is all for the simple reason that these billion dollars industries need a effective and cost efficient way to kill as many animals as the they can. Most of us have animals and know that they have feelings. So would we act if this are animal being treated this way?

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