An analysis about piracy in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country full of pirated things: dvd's, shirts, shoes, bags, and many more. Many shopping malls are dedicated to selling these. Divisoria and Greenhills are two of the most infamous places where you can buy Frada, Luis Buitton, Lacost, etc. With the low Philippine economy, we cannot blame those people who tend to buy fake designer items. Are they really worth it? There are good reasons why it is better to buy authentic brands rather than cheap imitations. Let's start off with the most obvious reason: fake imitations will not last long.

They are made of flimsy materials and, therefore, will easily break. You can be happy with your fake Louis now but after a few weeks or even days, your bag will slowly fall apart, unlike an original piece which can last more than a lifetime. Fake items are usually made from poor materials, resulting in a poor appearance. It may look almost the same as the original one, but you can still tell whether it is authentic or not. Actually, it will depend on how you carry it. If you are wearing fake all over, people can easily tell; especially if you are known for buying such things.

Wearing fake designers somehow makes you feel ashamed. You tend to hide the truth that what you are wearing is fake. But if you buy an original piece, you will feel that you are above everyone else. Having an original Rolex or Prada gives you the feeling of strength and confidence. Owning an original piece spares you the feeling of worry that people will judge your appearance by what you are wearing, because you can go straight to them and show your flawless authentic possession. Still, we cannot deny the fact that fake designers are a lot cheaper than that of authentic ones.

A fake Louis Vuitton usually costs around P600+ while an authentic piece costs about P50,000 and above. This is the reason why Filipinos, or even foreigners, buy fake designers especially if it is "class A". However, we must remember that quality is more important than quantity. Yes, an imitation may be cheaper but again how long will it last? If you buy an original piece, you can even pass it from generation to generation. The most important reason why we should not buy fake designers is because it is illegal.

Every designer has his/her own copyright of his/her own design. You can be sued if you produce or even buy a fake designer piece. It is simply not worth the risk. The Philippines is a third-world country and people may say that buying designer items is not practical. Of course, if you cannot afford to buy a designer piece, why would you? You do not have to sell your house just to buy an original Prada. My point is that we can all look great without resorting to buying fake items. It is better to buy not-so-popular brands rather than having a Louis Vuitton wannabe.

The capability of the poor in buying original items is not an excuse to buy an imitation. There are a number of affordable brands which they can very well manage to buy. Most of the time, imitations are a lot more expensive than some local brands, so it is still not a good idea to buy fake items. In this society, we cannot escape the judgements of other people. This is why some cannot refrain from buying imitations. But instead, stick to your values and do not think about what other people think, unless you want to be the devil who wears Frada.